Tiffany: You can speak Korean!
Seohyun: I just… tried it. Nice to see you! Everyone! Hello?
Tiffany: It’s TaeTiSeo!
Seohyun: We’re TaeThiTheo!
Taeyeon: Tae!
Seohyun: Ti! I mean…
Tiffany: Hey! Okay, again.
Taeyeon: Tae!
Tiffany: Ti!
Seohyun: Theo!
Taeyeon: What do you mean ‘theo’?! We’re TaeThiTheo?
Tiffany: TTT!
Seohyun: I’m Theohyunnie. It’s Seohyunnie.
Taeyeon: The hairdryer is…
Seohyun: We’re totally promoting it right now.
Tiffany: It’s taking up a lot of the screen.
Seohyun: It’s been a while since we met. The three of us.
Tiffany (waving her hand): I keep doing this. Because the comments keep saying “Hi”. Hi~
Seohyun: Hi~
Taeyeon: I need to eat the comments.
Tiffany: What does it say? Oh, it’s HyoRi!
Seohyun: Really?!
Tiffany: Yuri keeps commenting. What did she say?
Seohyun (reading): Na. Na. What is this?!
Tiffany: Yuri-yah, if you’re going to fool around, the fans want to talk to us. Zip it.
Taeyeon: Isn’t that it? Na, na, na, na~ Na, na, na, na~ Or don’t you think it might be…. Na, na, na, na, na, na, naaaa~
Tiffany: 11:11?
(Taeyeon keeps singing “11:11”)
Seohyun: There’s too much food.
Tiffany: I’ll move this for you. Be careful.
Taeyeon: Oh? Yuri unnie says, “You kids, stop it.”
Tiffany: Why?! Aren’t you jealous right now?
Taeyeon: Should we stop it?
Tiffany: No!
Taeyeon: This kind of mood doesn’t come around often.
Tiffany: That’s right. It’s been a while since we were gathered like this.
Seohyun: Right, it has been a while. What are you doing, Taeyeon unnie?
Tiffany: Seohyunnie, what have you been doing?
Seohyun: I’ve been doing my solo activities. It ended last week. Everyone, did you watch it? Unnie, did you watch it?
Taeyeon: I watched it, I watched it. She had on a mic that was much, much bigger than her face. It was right on her face.
Seohyun: That’s right.
Taeyeon: I watched her sing like that.
Seohyun: I did do that.
Sooyoung: What is this?
Seohyun: Sooyoung unnie!
Sooyoung: Is it a celebrity?
Seohyun: Only half of me is showing.
Taeyeon: It’s live! Say hi~ This is live!
Seohyun: This is live!
Sooyoung: Hi~
Taeyeon: Hi guys~ Yo. Sup.
Sooyoung: Hi guys!
Seohyun: What is this~ Unnie, your face is suddenly so white!
Taeyeon: Why is it like this, haha!
Seohyun: Unnie, look at this! It got weird.
Tiffany: It’s almost Sooyoung’s birthday! What do you want for your birthday?
Seohyun: Oh! It got better. Right?
Sooyoung: Me? Oh, there’s nothing I want.
Taeyeon (singing): What do you want from me? What do you want from me?
Seohyun: Yuri unnie says Sooyoung should go back.
Sooyoung: Kwon Yuri! Kwon Yuri! Ah, Kwon Yuri – where did… Did Kwon Yuri go?
Seohyun: She left.
Sooyoung: Ah, I need to live with the enjoyment of making fun of Kwon Yuri. Ahhh!
Seohyun: I’m going to eat hearts. Ah, I can’t eat it.
Seohyun: Fany unnie left after leaving it on.
Taeyeon: This is what live is all about.
Taeyeon: Merci beaucoup. Gracias.
Sooyoung: What about Sooyoung’s nostrils, Kwon Yuri? What about my nostrils? I’m a nostril beauty.
Taeyeon: No, that’s me.
Sooyoung (reading Yuri’s comment): “Sooyoung, why are your eyes so big?” Are my eyes big?
Taeyeon: Xie xie! Arigato!
Sooyoung (reading comment): “Please say hi Indonesia!”
Taeyeon/Sooyoung: Hi Indonesia!
Sooyoung (reading comment): “Taeyeon unnie~ Sooyoung unnie~” “Taengoo~” “Taengoo, Seororo, Tiffajjang!” Indonesia, Arab SONE, love you~ Kwon Yuri says Sooyoung’s eyes are bugging out.
Tiffany: That’s not Hyoyeon, is it?
Sooyoung: Kwon Yuri! Kwon Yuri, hurry and just be a lawyer.
Taeyeon (reading comment): “Be careful of Sooyoung’s eyeballs”
Sooyoung: Kwon Yuri, tell me a little. Kwon Yuri, tell me a little. Does Hayeonnie live or die?
Taeyeon: Hey, is the screen quality good for this?
Sooyoung: I think the screen quality is good.
Tiffany: Screen quality is good for us. If the person watching doesn’t have wi-fi, it’s not good.
Sooyoung: We have wi-fi?
Tiffany: We have wi-fi.
Taeyeon: Make sure you catch wee-fee~
Sooyoung: Is wi-fi bad?
Tiffany: We’re on wee-fee.
Sooyoung: Bye.
Tiffany: Bye~ See you at your birthday party! It’s Sooyoung’s birthday soon!
Tiffany: I think we’re showing up prettily. Yuri-yah, are we pretty?
Sooyoung: You’re ugly!
Tiffany: You’re the ugliest!
Sooyoung: You’re ugly! Bye!
Tiffany: Bye~ Sooyoungie…
Taeyeon (reading): Birthday soon. Celebrate soon.
Tiffany: Why aren’t you going? Leave!
Sooyoung: The car’s not here yet!
Tiffany: Taeyeonnie, what have you been doing?
Taeyeon: I… I whitened my skin. Look at me now.
Sooyoung: Where? So I can do it too! Look at me. I only have nostrils!
Taeyeon: I have no nose!
Tiffany: Step back a bit.
Taeyeon: Why is it like this? Is the lighting weird?
Tiffany: I know why. It’s because of her jacket.
Taeyeon: Ah, because there’s black?
Sooyoung: No, it’s not because of me! It’s because of the lighting.
Tiffany: We look like a totem pole.
Sooyoung: Taeyeon-ah, you come over here too. Taeyeon, you go in the middle.
Taeyeon: It feels like I’m going to drool.
Taeyeon: What did I do? What did I do? What did I do?
Tiffany: What have you been up to, other than whitening your skin?
Taeyeon: These days, I’m working hard at singing.
Tiffany: That’s what you’ve been doing?
Taeyeon: Yes. Doing this and that. I shot for Banila Co.
Tiffany: Mmm, I saw that, I saw that, I saw that. Orange~
Taeyeon: Orange~
Tiffany: That’s okay.
Taeyeon: Orange and coral~ Coral and…
Tiffany: I think there was some kind of red. No?
Taeyeon: They’re saying I’m going to shoot.
Tiffany: Bye! Say bye!
Taeyeon: Bye guys~ Love you too~
Tiffany: Okay, so I wanted to say bye before we are wrapping up shooting. Some of the girls already left. Thank you for stopping by and seeing us. It’s always nice to see you guys together.
Seohyun: Yeah?
Tiffany: What else should we say?
Seohyun: Mmm… It’s our 10th year anniversary.
Tiffany: They’re saying don’t leave.
Seohyun: It’s our 10th year anniversary! So don’t you think there will be something? Right? So I would like it if you’d wait.
Tiffany: That’s right, I’m curious.
Seohyun: I’m curious too!
Tiffany: As it gets warmer, we will start preparing.
Seohyun: That’s right.
Tiffany: I hope we do something good.
Seohyun: I hope we do too!
Tiffany: Taeyeonnie said it.
Seohyun: No, no, let’s do whatever we want this time. Fighting!
Tiffany: I’m gonna be going live every now and then. Everytime we are on schedules? So yeah, keep updating me with questions and things you wanna ask about me and the rest of the girls. I’ll go live everytime I’m with the girls. I hope we can go visit all of the other places. You’re giving me strength! Okay. See you guys soon. And stay on standby for us. Because you never know when we’re gonna come back. Why, you wanna keep going, Tae?
Taeyeon: We’re not allowed. We have to work now.
Tiffany: It’s the right thing to work. Bye~ Any last words? Oh, right! Yuri-yah, thank you for watching! It’s refreshing that Yuri is a viewer. These days, I’m a viewer of “Defendant”. Fighting for “Defendant” too! Bye guys! Fighting! I don’t want to leave too but I have to go downstairs and work. Bye guys!

Source: TT on YouTube