Taeyeon: You waited a long time, right?
Hyoyeon: I can watch with this.
Yoona: I want to participate too.
Taeyeon: Seo lawyer! Seo lawyer!
Yuri: I’m excited!
Taeyeon: You can’t swear, kids! This is live, you can’t swear~
Tiffany: No swearing.
Hyoyeon: I’m writing a comment right now. To you!
Tiffany: She’s commenting. Hyoyeon’s watching!
Tiffany: This doesn’t have a time limit, I can do whatever I want.
Yuri: How many minutes can you do it for?
Tiffany: To my heart’s desire! As much as my heart wants!
Yuri: Until you hit your data limit.
Tiffany: Oh!
Tiffany: Sooyoung wasn’t here before.
Sooyoung: I like seeing members for the first time in a while. Ah, this is kind of like V App~ Wow~
Tiffany: Say hi~
Sooyoung: Hi!
Tiffany: I need to put on lotion. You guys play with it.
Hyoyeon: Tiffany’s face is too close up.
Taeyeon: Hello~ Hello, hello! Have everyone been well? My face is too close? Just take it. What is this?
Tiffany: What’s Taeyeonnie’s lens?
Taeyeon: My lens? My lens… is a secret.
Tiffany: Hyoyeon said not to put your face too close.
Tiffany: Stop! Stop writing hate comments, Hyoyeon! Stop writing hate comments!
Taeyeon (zooming in on Hyoyeon): Oh my! Looks like a doll, oh my, oh my. Oh my, oh my.
Tiffany: Hey, she said our faces looked weird.
Taeyeon: Oh my, oh my.
Hyoyeon: It’s me, it’s me, it’s me!!!
Taeyeon: Are you seeing yourself live?
Tiffany: Watching live! Everybody say hi!
Yuri: Is someone filming me secretly? Who’s filming?
Tiffany: You’re on it now.
Yuri: On this?
Taeyeon (zooming in on Hyoyeon): Oh my, pretty. Why is she like this today?
Tiffany: Your hair colour is well done.
Taeyeon: Oh my, oh my, oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my.
Yoona (laughing at comments on the Live): Ah, it passed by.
Tiffany: Ah, it’s fun. Let’s film Sooyoungie too.
Taeyeon (zooming in on Yuri): Oh my, oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Why are the kids so pretty today? Let’s film Sooyoungie too. Celebrity, celebrity, celebrity! What do I do?
Tiffany: Show off your shoulder, like that.
Taeyeon: What do I do? What do I do? A celebrity!
Tiffany: Hey, you’re pretty.
Tiffany: Is there a filter?
Taeyeon: No, no, no.
Taeyeon: Yah, where did Seohyun go?
Tiffany: Yah Seohyun!
Seohyun: Unnie, I have no colour on my lips yet…
Taeyeon: Okay, okay.
Tiffany: This is fun! Hi guys~
Taeyeon: Stop the prank calls. Okay?
Tiffany: Really stop the prank calls. Stop calling.
Taeyeon: Please, I ask you.
Tiffany: Yuri said stop it.
Yuri: Guys, hurry and get ready to shoot. Let’s wrap up quickly.
Taeyeon: Ah, Yuri unnie is so scary.
Tiffany: Yuri says hurry up and get ready to shoot, so…
Yuri: That’s right.
Tiffany: We’re gonna keep shooting Yuri!
Taeyeon: Unnie!
Yuri: Where- ah!
Taeyeon: Unnie~
Tiffany: Oh, Sunny is here! Hey, this is live.
Sunny: Oh, it’s live? Hello?
Taeyeon: Where is the lighting pretty?
Tiffany: Isn’t it pretty here?
Taeyeon: Oh, really?
Sunny: I’m in the middle of leveling up.
Taeyeon: Aren’t you too focused on the game?
Sunny: This is my PC room.
Tiffany: Say hi~ Say hi, we’re live. Say hi!
Taeyeon (after Sunny blows a kiss): Ah, it’s no joke. Lips, lips, look at her lips. Oh my my my my.
Tiffany: Oh my gosh.
Sunny: You’re doing a close-up, right?
Taeyeon/Tiffany: Yup.
Sunny: Ah, don’t do it~ Don’t do it~
Taeyeon: Oh my, my, my, so ugly, so ugly.
Taeyeon (singing while Tiffany dances): Ugly, ugly, ugly~ Ugly, ugly, ugly~ Ugly, ugly, ugly~
Taeyeon: They want to see her toes.
Tiffany: Toenail.
Taeyeon: Ah, her toes are bare, they’re bare.
Taeyeon: Excuse me, close your legs. Ah, really. You’re like me.
Taeyeon (zooms in on Hyoyeon): Goddess.
Hyoyeon: I saw Sunny’s toes!
Taeyeon: Goddess, goddess, goddess.
Yoona: The quality is not that good.
Hyoyeon: Can’t Tiffany make the quality better?
Tiffany: There’s nothing I can do.
Taeyeon: As expected, they’re no joke. What do I do? Oh my, oh my. So pretty. Oh my, oh my.
Tiffany: Stop. Let’s talk.
Taeyeon: Oh my, oh my, oh my my.
Yuri: You’re still filming?
Taeyeon: Oh my.
Tiffany: We’re still live.
Yuri: Stop it~
Tiffany: Why~
Yuri: No! Stop it, really.
Taeyeon: Don’t you know that we have the rights to your image?
Yuri: Ah, what are you doing? Hurry.
Tiffany: You’re acting these days. How’s your drama going?
Taeyeon (imitating Tiffany in English): How’s your drama going?
Yuri: It’s so… It’s so awkward.
Tiffany: Hurry, this is your chance, come on!
Taeyeon (imitating Tiffany in English): This is your chance, come on! COME ON~ COME ON, YURI-YAH~ Come on, Yuri-yah~
Yuri: So good. It’s so good.
Taeyeon: You’re not able to sleep a lot, right?
Yuri: I can’t sleep a lot so I’m getting a lot of zits.
Taeyeon: You don’t need to talk about that.
Sooyoung: Are you sure you don’t get a lot of sleep? You don’t have a lot of screen time.
Taeyeon: When it’s like this, I’ll show my face.
Tiffany: They said not to zoom up too close. Now let’s look at Seohyunnie’s lips.
Taeyeon: Lips.
Tiffany: She put her lips on.
Yuri: Are you continuing to do your hair?
Seohyun: Whoa, isn’t this too bright?
Tiffany: It will adjust.
Seohyun: Why is it like this?
Tiffany: It will adjust.
Seohyun: It’s weird. Ah, it’s too weird.
Taeyeon: She says it’s too weird. The lighting is bright here.
Seohyun: Hi~
Taeyeon: It’s “Don’t Say No”!
Seohyun: Don’t say no! But it’s too bright, really. Only my eyes are showing.
Tiffany (singing): Don’t say no!
Taeyeon/Tiffany (singing and Taeyeon does hand motion): Don’t say no-oh-oh-oh-oh!
Tiffany: I thought that was funny too. Hold this for me.
(Taeyeon and Tiffany do a playful version of Seohyun’s choreography)
Seohyun: That’s not it?!
Yuri: Hey Taeyeon. Taeyeon, are you finished getting ready too?
Taeyeon: I’m done~
Yuri: Can everyone go out? I asked if everyone can go out…
Taeyeon: I’m tired. I’m exhasted now.
Tiffany: Oh, really. Are you guys having fun?!
Tiffany: Okay we have to go back on set now. I think we’re gonna get in trouble from Yuri now.
Taeyeon: Should we pause it for a moment?
Tiffany: We’ll pause it for a moment. See you guys soon! We’ll be live all day.
Yuri: Come here! You have to get ready! Hurry! Turn it off! Get ready to shoot!

Source: TT on YouTube