Initial Post: When I hear that I’m on the main page of an internet portal site, my first instinct is to be shocked… It must be a disease of this job… But it’s a good article this time so I’m thankful! I’m also thankful that the photos turned out pretty!

Fan: Lee Soonkyu, didn’t you have an allergy to cat furs…. Are you okay?
Sunny: Lee Soonkyu has a slight allergy to dust and an allergy to puppy saliva.. I like it when puppies kiss me.. But a little while later, that area gets itchy and swells up red..

Fan: Soonkyu-yah, tangsooyuk is not about pouring or dipping the sauce, but it’s all about eating it…
Sunny: Isn’t the truth stir frying it though?

Fan: Unnie, did you know this?.. If you include the most recent photo, more than half of Sunstagram has become animalstagram, kekekekekekekekeke. Unnie, isn’t this too much ,, I can’t believe Sogeumie only appeared once out of this ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Upload more photos of Sogeumie..
Sunny: Ho-ong… Did I do that?!.. These days, I’m basically using my mobile phone as a gaming machine…. Keke. If I take a new photo or video of Sogeumie, I’ll update it

Fan: (Includes photo of Sunny from recent photo shoot) Who is this~~~ Cute!!!!!
Sunny: That’s what I mean…. Really who is this…. Keke

Fan: I was shocked at first too, kekeke. I like that it’s a good one.
Sunny: Really~ Whew~

Fan: Ahhhhhh, Sunny-yah, what are you doing?
Sunny: I’m laying down and tweeting while hearts fills up.. (Assuming Sunny waiting for her health to fill up in a game she is playing)

Fan: Kkyah! It’s pretty Sunny!
Sunny: Pfft!

Fan: (Includes photos of meal) I ate meat and shaved ice today. Soonkyu-yah, do you like green tea shaved ice? Kekekekekeke. I like it, kekekekekekeke. I heard you’re not supposed to put filters on food photos, hehehehehehehehehe.
Sunny: Be careful~~ If you eat meat and then something cold right away….. A fanfare could ring out in your toilet…..

Fan: I was worried because you were cheating on Sogeumie with Raccoon Man and a black cat. Is everything okay…? (More so than allergies, did Sogeum notice.. Or something…)
Sunny: Sogeumie is “mommy’s shadow” these days…. Her harassment is killing me

Sunny (to a fan): Hope your cold gets better quickly, ppyong!

Fan: Kyu has appeared for the first time in a while
Sunny: Excuse me… Knock knock knock…. Can you please change your profile photo?…….
Fan: Just don’t kill me

Fan: When can we see editorial expert’s next editorial?
Sunny: You’ll see it soon~ There are a lot of photos in it that hasn’t been uploaded yet, keke

Fan: Play with me more, I came for the first time in a while. Oh! It has been so long since I saw Kyu’s face in a selfie (used a pun using “orange”)
Sunny: Orange orange, I don’t know what to say!!!!! It’s an ahjae (short for ahjusshi)!! An ahjae has appeared!!!!!!!

Fan: Hearts, don’t fill up too fast… Soonkyu will leave… ㅠㅠㅠ
Sunny: Even if it all fills up, there’s only 5 and it takes less than 10 minutes to use it up ㅠㅠㅠㅠ It has become too hard…..

Fan: What game are you playing these days? ㅠㅠ The game you were playing when Fany was doing the Instagram Live!
Sunny: That was Maple Story M and not only that, I’ve fallen into various games these days

Fan: Soonkyu, you went to Hongdae yesterday, I went to Hongdae today. I’m at the place next next to Acorn Forest. If I go there and say “Soonkyu-yah!!!!!!!!”, will Soonkyu come out? Kekekekekekekeke.
Sunny: No~ A kind employee….. I will report you to them

Fan: Unnie, do you like romance novels? How about reading “The King Loves” together?? (Yoona unnie appearing in the drama is not a secret!!!!!!!!!)
Sunny: I don’t like romance novels that much but since I like our Yoongie….. I will watch the drama!!

Fan: Wah, I really miss unnie, how do I wait for you…
Sunny: Well…..?

Fan: What game is Soonkyu playing these days!! You were focused on gaming during the Live, give me a recommendation.
Sunny: I don’t have a PC so I mostly play mobile games. But recently after I purchased a PSVR, I’ve been quickly fixated on it….. And my future ambition is to be a pro gamer… Now I’m waiting for the Nintendo Switch….

Fan: Unnie, please do a lot and a lot of editorials ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ The perm in your bangs is so cute and I like it ㅠㅠㅠ
Sunny: When I was shooting it……… Is this okay to do……? I thought… But the staff are skilled so I trusted them and left myself in their hands

Fan: It’s raining sometimes these days ㅠㅠ When you go out, dress warmly.
Sunny: I don’t have a reason to go outside ~~~~~ Kkyareuk

Fan: Noona, noona, I missed you… Have you been well?????????
Sunny: Ahng, indeed

Fan: Soonkyu, Soonkyu, you’re not going out catching Pokemon?
Sunny: Nope, it’s dangerous outside of my duvet

Fan: (Includes photo fried chicken) Chicken or me?
Sunny: Can’t you get along nicely and do half and half?! Even chicken-nim is half saucy and half fried….

Fan #1: (Includes photo of meal) This is a meat place my aunt runs and honestly, with no word of a lie, it’s so, so good. It’s at the Express Bus Terminal. If you go and say my name, we’ll give it to you for free~~ Dinner out, go go
Fan #2: Is this real?
Fan #1: Yes.. Kekekekekekekeke. Then you should come with Kyu
Sunny: Huh? Where is this????

Fan: Kyu-yah, I want to drink coffee, which one should I drink… What’s Soonkyu’s favourite coffee!
Sunny: Hmm… I’m sensitive to caffeine so if I drink coffee, I get overly hyper and then come down quickly… So more so than coffee…. Juice?!…. But honestly, I like water the most, keke

Fan: Ack, kekekekekekekekeke. Where’s talented Soonkyu! Unnie is pretty, so it’s pretty no matter how you shoot it…….
Sunny: No… My contribution is about 10%, it’s hair designer, makeup artist, photographer, stylist, editor… nim’s work……

Sunny (to a fan): Don’t worry~~ You’ll be able to see it well!!!!!

Fan: Unnie, you need to send me a heart before you go…. ㅠㅠㅠ Did you already leave…?
Sunny: Ppyong!

Fan: My Kyu, are you sad? I miss you, my Kyu.
Sunny: No~~ I’m not sad, hehehehe
Fan (the one earlier who Sunny asked to change their profile photo): I’m sad
Sunny: So… if you change your profile photo, your mood will improve, this ahjusshi-yah!!!!!
Fan: I’ll just drink alcohol to improve my mood

Fan: Kyu-yah, what recent photo of food do you have?
Sunny: It’s a vitamin drink I drank earlier this morning…… I’m sorry it doesn’t match your anticipation. But it’s real….. I don’t know why I took a photo of this either…..

Fan: Is Sogeumie doing well~?? I don’t think I’m the only one who wants to see Sogeumie… Our house cat has become a true cat bully. After eating all of its food, it steals the puppy’s food, kekeke. How should I reform this cat bully?
Sunny: How dare you reform cat-nim……. You can only pray to the heavens that the cat will not get worse, while taking notice and making sure you suit their needs….. I will pray for your fortunes…..

Fan: Unnie, please give us a selfie of Sogeum~~
Sunny: No!! Only I’m going to look!!!!

Fan: I really like the song “First Kiss” from Hwang Sungjae’s Project Superhero!!!!
Sunny: Ah. Jun Inkwon master-nim, who is my master, likes that song too….. Although I’m not sure why

Fan (Includes photo of a ship they assembled): I made this too, didn’t I make it well?!
Sunny: Do you happen to have an extra tree on the deck??…. I was touching it and the tree flew away and no one knows where it went

Fan: To go meet Sunny unnie, I’m studying Korean. Please become my teacher, kekeke.
Sunny: It’s already perfect

Fan: My birthday is soon!! Can you tell me happy birthday ahead of time? 
Sunny: Doing this early~~~ Happy birthday, happy birthday!!!!! Birthday noisemaker, pabababa!!!!!

Fan: My gosh, all people, our Kyu looks so pretty in this editorial, maaaan~~~!!!! You’re just overflowing with charm, what is everyone doing not looking at the editorial? Geez,,,,, Our Kyu is this cute, baaaam~~!!!
Sunny: I passed by this without seeing it before, I saw it again and it’s funny, baaaaammm!!!!!!

Final Post: Kkeuang!! Thank you for the overflowing mentions!! Responses are already in your hearts… I’m going to go treat Sogeumie to her dinner special (Ciao Churu that I received from SONE decorated with dry food that’s good for her health, namely SONE and Sunny’s combined love love meal)!! I hope everyone has a good night!!!

Source: Sunny’s Twitter