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Fan: Hehe, your thumb is cute…..
Sunny: Ah, don’t look at my thumb ㅠ

Fan: Is it… tasty…?
Sunny: It was my first time making it in a while so it’s a bit spicy…;;;; So put in one more apple, kekekekekeke

Fan: Where do I buy it!
Sunny: I really only put in ¼ of a beet and it got red~ like that…. Beet is really fascinating

Fan: Heol, are you on a diet?
Sunny: If I were dieting, I only would have drank a little……

Fan: Where do I buy it!
Sunny: I don’t know either, I received it as a present….;;;;

Fan: Beat Kwon Hyuksoo, keke
Sunny: I don’t particularly want to beat Hyuksoo oppa over eating;;;; Kekekekeke

Fan: Do you happen to still remember Invincible Youth?
Sunny: Of course

What will I do if I can’t sleep at night because this is so good for my body?

I didn’t make this to diet;;; I juice with a Hurom juicer and drank these often, keke. While moving, I didn’t know where it went but I found it so I made it for the first time in a while, hehehehe

If you put a lot of apple in, it’s delicious!!!!! Since it’s embarrassing to put in just apple, I put in a bit of kale, and then a bit of cabbage and beet…. And kohlrabi….. And then when you taste it, it’s spicy so I put in more apple………. And then if you snap out of it, you’ve created enough for a week’s worth…..

Our dorm moved~ Right now, Hyoyeonnie is playing a game in the living room….. Didn’t she do a music broadcast today?? Why is she so fresh, kekekekekeke. As expected, energizer, kekekeke

Should I force the remaining detox juice on Hyoyeonnie?!?! I feel like she’ll drink it and shudder, kekekekekeke

I was at the mart earlier doing grocery shopping and they had Gongju chestnut makgeollie and Brother Soda and Soonhari Peach (soju) so I really deliberated…….. If I drink that alcohol and then drink detox juice, won’t it balance?…. That thought came to mind….

Fan: Who did you go to the mart with?
Sunny: If you’ve spent time, you’ll know… but if you think you’re raising a cat, it will be difficult, keke. You’re just living to serve it… Think like this and live in beautiful symbiosis~~

The soju was inside of a pink colored bottle…. I almost bought impulsively….. But it was a plastic bottle…. So I put it back down….. Strangely, I think soju tastes better when it’s in a glass bottle, kekekeke

I just juice with a Hurom and drink it…. But I read somewhere that you need to boil it before you drink it….. I’m not sure what’s right;;;;

Truthfully, these days, if I drink alcohol, I get sick easily;;;; Am I changing to someone whose body is not compatible with alcohol?!?!

These days, I haven’t been craving alcohol that much but I’m craving it a bit today, kekekeke

What do you mean.… It’s because of my age…….…. Thud

Is it okay if I go to game?;;

Right now is exactly the time when I play a round of (Clash of) Clans and turn on the Nintendo to ride karts……..


When I bought at the play store, I only bought one controller, kekekeke. I can’t play with two player, kekekeke.

Last time when I had to go to the office and I took Injustice 2 CD and played with manager oppa and I won all of the rounds except one, kekekekekekeke

To note, with Sungjoon oppa. We both fought changing characters continuously, I lost to Superman once and won the rest, kekekeke

Speaking of, kekekekeke. As soon as I got to level 100, I quit Maple M, keke. Lineage M…… I just stopped playing;; I played it….. but I had no confidence to become a pro cash spender…

I downloaded GTA and I’m playing it but…. It’s still not quite my style… Thankfully, kekekeke

I don’t regret it when I spend money on high quality goods….. But strangely, after I spend money on in-game cash items…. Even if I level up or increase my win rate, I feel like it’s not because of my skills so I don’t feel affection for it;;;

To stylist: It’s God Sookyung
To stylist: Hurry and come to drink, I can’t guarantee it will be here tomorrow, kekekeke

I think I have good energy right now, I continuously won in a row, kekekekeke

I’m really going

I’m hungry so I’m going to go eat, kekekeke

I generated heat by playing games, so I’m hungry now, kekekeke

I love you

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