It’s me~ SNSD’s vitamin Sunny.

SONE always writes letters well so I didn’t realize how hard this is?

Now that I’ve lifted the pen, I don’t know what words to start with, but what I want to say first and foremost is, thank you for coming today.

Personally, today is a day that needed a lot of courage on my part, but because SONE was waiting and anticipating with open hearts, I was able to prepare for it diligently with even more strength.

I felt this while I was preparing, and it was that I had been receiving so much love all this time. Of course, I was always touched, and I wanted to express that heart, but the results of everything I prepared are all not enough compared to my heart. That’s why I felt it. Having received such great love from SONE all this time, I wanted to express ‘My heart is like this~ I really like you a lot and I am continuously, continuously thankful’ but why is it so hard~ to express this.

I don’t know what it was like. Of course, our relationship is like that of a soulmate, even if I don’t say everything, you understand it all… Right? I’m so thankful that you continue to like me, even though my expressions (of love) are clumsy and gruff. I will try harder going forward. I hope SONE can be always joyful, enjoyable, fun-loving and happy through me.

Even if we try hard, like it has been up to now, it can’t always be good things happening. But, whenever tough times come, I hope you can remember the confessions of my sincere heart today. I will try hard so that wherever you go, you’ll never be embarrassed to say you’re a SONE, and that you like SNSD Sunny. I have always been thankful for you, and for helping me by my side through the many trials and tribulations we’ve experienced so that I wouldn’t give up. Going forward, let’s dream the same dreams and love each other. I really like you a lot.

Words that are not enough even though I say it over and over again. Thank you, I love you.

Let’s go for a long time.

Source: @crucial_gg on Twitter