About Concert
1. Is there a reason the concert image emulates Audrey Hepburn? Is there a reason the concert title is Love, Still?
She is a figure and a mentor that I look up to, so I wanted to express her inner and outer beauty. We all live life loving. I wanted to express various aspects of love at the concert so I have the concert title as Love, Still.

2. Which stage do you want to show most at the concert?
I want to show a stage that shows a unique colour that only Seohyun can show.

3. It’s your first album and first concert in 10 years. What do you think Seohyun will be like 10 years in the future?
Even after 10 years, I think I will continue to pursue music and acting that I still love and live loving my life.

About Love
1. Is there a method of expressing love unique to Seohyun?
I try my best to express honestly in every moment.

2. What has Seohyun fallen in love with the most recently?
It’s music and puppy “Ppo Ppo”~

3. If there are things you love now, and will continue to love going forward, what is it?
I’ll continue to love everyone who loves me and my life.

About Life
What’s on Seohyun’s bucket list? Which bucket is possible to fulfill first?
– Studying overseas
– Travel around the world
– Learning to shoot
– Earning a chef’s certification

Of this, I’m trying to learn how to shoot first~

Letter from Seohyun
Hello~ I can’t believe I released a solo album and will do my first solo concert in 10 years.. Each and every day truly feels like a dream..

For this solo album, I had a lot of concerns from song selection to determining the overall concept. The part I considered to be the most important was “true colour of the person Seo Juhyun now”. This solo album, which was created with my opinions from one to ten, was a challenge for me and became the greatest gift of my life.

How will everyone receive my music? Will everyone like my musical colour and sensibility?.. It was a continued streak of heart fluttering and nerve-wracking moments. And as I took my first steps as a solo singer and I saw everyone hear my music and like it, it made me really happy and I was thankful..

Thank you for always trusting me, dependably cheering me on, and for loving me warmly without change..

I think 2017 is really an unforgettable and precious year for me. I hope everyone receives many, many blessings in the new year, that you’re always healthy, that each day you spend is happy, and I hope you spend an enjoyable year together with Seohyunnie’s music. I feel reassured because all of you are by my side. I will always be by your side too. Going forward, I will show you singer Seohyun who expresses good music and my own colour. I love you a lot.

Scans courtesy of @joyowon on Twitter!