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If you’re Yoona’s fan, you all know about Yoona’s Cookstagram!

Last year on OnStyle’s Channel SNSD program, she showed off her cooking skills. So we’ve prepared Yoona’s recipes! We will introduce how to make curry rice that was introduced on Instagram and egg cookies.

Curry With Rice

Vyrl’s Tip: You can substitute beef for chicken breast. It’s also good if you put in canned corn or broccoli!

Ingredients: Tomato, Beef, Carrot, Onion, Potato, Curry


1.       Prepare the vegetables and beef by chopping them into cubes.
2.       Pre-boil the chopped potatoes.
3.       In a frying pan, sauté the carrots and onions with oil or butter. (Medium heat)
4.       After that, sauté the beef and tomato and then the pre-boiled potatoes. (Medium heat)
5.       Once water comes out of the vegetables, put in a block of golden curry. (Low heat) (*If there isn’t enough liquid, pour in a small amount of water.)
6.       In low heat setting, boil the curry until the vegetables are cooked.
7.       Salt and pepper to taste, and then pour the curry sauce on top of rice.


Egg Cookie

Vyrl’s Tip: You need to melt the sugar well so that the cookies won’t crack. Vanilla extract is not mandatory. You need to sift the powder ingredients so it doesn’t stick together.

Ingredients: 60g soft flour, 50g unsalted butter, 25g powdered sugar, 1 egg, 25g sugar, 15g starch, 2 tsp warm milk


1.       Whisk softened butter at room temperature.
2.       Mix in sugar and powdered sugar that has been sifted.
3.       Crack and whisk an egg, divide it into 3 and put it in little by little to completely melt the sugar.
4.       Put in 1-2 drops of vanilla extract.
5.       After sifting the soft flour and starch, gently fold it in with a silicon spatula.
6.       Once it has been mixed well, put in slightly warmed milk to finish off.
7.       Put the dough into a piping bag and squeeze out a diameter of 3 cm on a pan.
8.       Bake it for 8-12 minutes at a temperature of 180⁰ C.

Source: Yoona’s Kitchen on Vyrl