Hello, it’s Tiffany.

With an insufficient apology after giving a lot of hurt and disappointment to everyone, I did not have the courage for ten days to give a true apology. With a scared and shaking heart, I’m first asking to be forgiven for this lateness. And I am trying my best to say what I should’ve said earlier, and I am trying to communicate a heartfelt apology regarding the big mistake of that day.

On Korean Independence Day, I made the mistake of uploading a SNS post containing a Rising Sun flag design. When I think of the meaning of Independence Day, I made a mistake that I should not have made.

Like many people who advised me, my knowledge of history was not enough to know about the Rising Sun flag and I was not sensitive to the past filled with pain. I am truly sorry to everyone whose hearts were hurt due to my ignorance and indifference. I am lowering my head and apologizing to the many people who trusted me and cheered me on.

Up to now, I was able to do music thanks to everyone who thankfully cheered me on and loved me without change. However, despite receiving everyone’s love for a long time, I did not know the basic history of Korea well. I am embarrassed at myself for not having studied carefully.

As a singer, I was thankful and proud of being a person who could make Korea’s culture known, and as a result, I understood once again how important it is for me to study with a sense of responsibility. As someone who is in front of the public, I will never forget that responsibility.

For creating anxiety on Independence Day due to my mistake, I want to communicate my apologetic heart once again to everyone. After realizing my mistake, the words that I wrote hastily at the airport were not careful and it was too insufficient and I apologize once again for that. I continuously regretted missing the opportunity to give a sincere apology and I spent each day with an apologetic heart. It is so late but I desperately hope that my sincerity will be felt.

This incident has taught me what is most important. From this time onward, I will work even harder to study and learn what is even more important than music and dance.

Thank you so much for reading these long and late words.

Source: Tiffany’s Instagram