[TRANS] Tiffany in Instyle, March 2016 – Tiffany Hearts Paris

‘SNSD Tiffany’ is not here. Instead, there’s
only love Tiffany, who knows how to enjoy freedom and romance. A city that
gifts memories even if you just walk around, happy time spent in Paris.

About Her

The one
week spent with Tiffany in Paris was possible because of her pro attitude,
withstanding a packed schedule even in the bitter cold. Last night spent in Paris, the lights on the Eiffel
Tower went on in the distance, signifying 8 o’clock. Eiffel Tower sparkled but
what was even more beautiful was Tiffany, who emitted light in the silence.

arrived in Paris, in full swing of Fashion Week. With Tiffany, SNSD member who
gets attention as a fashionista. Truthfully, before coming here, the editor met
with her several times. Aside from shooting an editorial, she will be
participating as a celebrity representing Korea at 2016 F/W collection shows of
Dior, Miu Miu, Acne Studio and Hermes. It’s tough to only shoot internationally
but the reason we added show schedules was due to her outstanding fashion
sense, fluent English and friendly personality, we knew she would shine
brightly in Paris. The prediction hit the mark. Fashion week is filled with
fashion people with noses high in the air, unusual scenes difficult to witness
unfolded. As expected, there were fans waiting that reminded you of concerts,
as she exited, she was surrounded by street photographers who endlessly clicked
their shutters, bodyguards were added as an emergency safety measure, and
fashion people who were surprised by this scene so they hurriedly took
photos… Everything continued to be surprising. There were situations of being
faced with dead ends due to incredible crowds. At these situations, Tiffany’s ability
to handle emergency situations shined. She personally directed fans, and readily
accepted photo time which continued restlessly and we were able to wrap
up quickly. On the 3rd day in Paris, we escaped the crowded main
streets and found a street filled with Paris’s special small and low buildings and
conducted the shoot. It was a weather blowing with fierce knife-like winds that
made your body shake even if you were standing still, but she wore a thin
T-shirt and smile brightly toward the camera. “Last one! Cut!” As soon as the
photographer’s cue sign went out, a staff ran out with a blanket but she adamantly
refused. The reason was that she didn’t want to break the flow of filming. That
night, after finishing all schedules, we walked the street slowly and shared
lingering images of Paris. She took out her own camera and diligently took many
photos of the area, and she smiled brightly in front of tourist spots with a
lovely pose. Watching her quietly, it was an appearance different from the
professional we had been seeing for the last few days. We saw the ordinary
twenty-eight year old Tiffany. When she’s working, she has the strong
personality, fitting a girl group that has been around for 10 years, but when
she returns to her daily life, she’s a natural woman who is full of aegyo and
lovely. We discovered another charm of Tiffany that we wouldn’t have known if
we didn’t come to Paris. Now we anticipate the appearance of Tiffany herself,
more than ‘SNSD Tiffany’. We are eagerly awaiting her solo album, which will
come to the world soon.