[TRANS] Taeyeon’s Instagram Post and Comments

Original post: Today is the day for #SoshiBeer I
received and have been cherishing since last year. 🍺 

What do you mean I’m showing off…. 😂 That’s
right, truthfully, I’m showing off… One can is more than enough for me, keke.
But I also think that’s a good thing    

Times like this, if I were a person who drank alcohol well, I… Mm…ㅜ    

know it’s not good for my body if I drink a lot, but sometimes it makes me
forget for a moment so I’m thankful for it


Don’t worry, kekekekekekeke. I only have weak stamina, even if I drink a
lot, I remember everything. So that’s why it’s even more embarrassing, kekeke.


Instead, I would like it if it was a night exploding with emotions,
kekeke. Heh.   

I don’t think I can let everything out because only I’ve been drinking.
This is unfair, kekeke. And this is life. A SONE commented that.


Even if I’m lonely, I think I’m a person who becomes happy when looking
at the puppy beside me… Am I exploding with emotions right now? Kekekekekekekeke    

Dogs are dogs… I have all of you so I’m really fortunate, thankful and