[TRANS] Taeyeon Interview in K WAVE, March 2016 – Taeyeon/Tiffany Compilation

Q. When you decide on an album concept, do you have input?

Taeyeon: I tend to show the results to Tiffany. Before the record is open, I show the unedited versions of album photos or music video to Tiffany. I don’t know why but I feel like she’s sharp. I feel reassured once it goes through Tiffany.

Q. What is a dish you’re good at (cooking)?

Taeyeon: A dish? Can I say cereal? I live with Tiffany right now. Tiffany’s personality is very outgoing. Thanks to her, I got outside and do things. You know, American friend culture. Whenever it’s any special day, she says we need to make cupcakes. She tells me come do things while halfway making cupcakes. So I end up doing it with her. When she says we need to bake cookies, I bake it with her. She says we need to write a card, so I write one. No matter what, she says we need to do it together. (Laughs) So I think I end up moving my hands at least because of this.

Q. Isn’t personality contagious? Or become assimilated.

Taeyeon: Mmm, I don’t know. Our tastes are a bit different. But we are very compatible. If Tiffany is red, I’m blue. But fascinatingly, we are compatible. I think it’s because we’ve lived together for a long time. It has already been over 10 year since we’ve lived together. We don’t provoke one another because we know the other person’s dislikes. We avoid what the other person dislikes and we know each other well. When I make fun of her, I know the limits. So I end it right there. Even if she gets mad, I know what I can do to loosen her up. So I do it up to that point. I don’t not do it. I do do it.

Q. Are your tastes in music different from Tiffany?

Taeyeon: I think we have similar listening tastes. Fascinatingly, listening to music is different from singing it. There are genres that are easy to sing, which are different from genres that are comfortable to listen to. Our listening is similar. But when it comes to singing, we each have different tastes that we want.

Q. We heard you listen to Rihanna often.

Taeyeon: I heard she has a new album so I’m listening to it. I like strong music like this. I like hiphop, R&B and soul – I really like those. But if I end up doing music like this, I’m not sure if I will be able to express it well.

Q. When you’re alone, aren’t you practicing rapping?

Taeyeon: There was a rap when I was preparing for the TaeTiSeo album. But I couldn’t do it. It was my part and every time it was that moment, my mouth wouldn’t open. So I passed that part along to Tiffany. It was a song called <Stay>. But I couldn’t do it. It doesn’t come out. I protested why they’re making me do something I haven’t done before and they said just try it once. But I said I couldn’t do it.