“Very Taeyeon-like (Calm) Afternoon”

Taeyeon, a girl who still possesses nervousness. Time with Taeyeon that lazily unfolded in a space containing light.

Behind the Scene

If you’re curious about the editorial with Taeyeon, pay attention. We unveil Taeyeon’s skincare and makeup know-how as well as her secret weapon.

Secret Weapon that Completes Taeyeon’s Perfect Skin

Prior to the photoshoot, Taeyeon used Nature Republic’s Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream that she normally enjoys using for radiant skin. Even if you have great makeup on, if the skin underneath is dull or dirty, you can’t show its true beauty. If your skin condition is good, you’ll have the effect of better makeup application. Nature Republic’s Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream is an item that she cherishes and it has already been a hot topic on Taeyeon’s SNS. As soon as we took the product out, she said ‘Oh my, I really like this product!’ and smiled brightly. This product improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and provides moisture, all at once, being recognized as a premium anti-aging cream. It’s filled with rare and precious ingredients like 6 year old ginseng, 99% pure gold, royal jelly and silk amino acids. Even amidst busy schedules, the secret weapon that gives her a healthy and beautiful skin that she seems to be born with is Nature Republic’s Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream.

Taeyeon’s Pick: What are the Items Taeyeon Used in the Editorial?

1. By Flower Blusher in 03 Grapefruit Cotton Candy: A matte type blush for a girly makeup that overflows with life in a pastel colour. With a big brush, widely apply on the cheek area to show both cheeks in a lovely way.

2. Multiple Touch Stick: With soft application and outstanding wear, a cream type contouring stick that easily completes contour makeup. Made up of a variety of 11 colours for foundation, highlighter, blusher and shading that can be used for multi-purpose makeup.

  • 01 Light Beige: Flawless skin was achieved with a stick foundation that has SPF 37 PA++ and excellent coverage.
  • 04 Shining Beam: Stick highlighter that brings a luxurious shine to the skin. Brought a three-dimensional effect to life by applying to T-zone and brow bones.
  • 11 Coconut: Stick shading product that completes a small and three-dimensional face shape.

3. Nature Origin Triple Colour Tone-Up Cushion: Even while shooting an editorial, correction makeup is necessary. With the combination of 3 colours, you can easily get a brightening tone-up effect; throughout the photoshoot, the tone-up cushion was used by applying it lightly.

Interview: Taeyeon’s Beautiful Beauty Know-How

Taeyeon is spending time recharging after finishing up her first solo concert recently. We asked her about her beauty know-how on how she normally maintains her skin and does her makeup.

Hello Taeyeon. What have you been doing recently?

After finishing my solo concert, whenever I have time, I’ve been checking my body’s condition and having time to recharge. I am also planning for the next album.

We’re sure there’s a difference between your normal makeup and the makeup you wear as you stand on stage as a singer. Normally, what kind of makeup do you enjoy?

Since I wear flashy makeup when I stand on stage, normally, I enjoy light makeup. I like having dewy and light finish on my skin and I only fill in the empty parts of my eyebrow. I apply lip colour very lightly. When I have time, I add liveliness with blush.

These days, contouring makeup is popular. Do you enjoy contouring makeup too?

I enjoy using Nature Republic’s Multiple Touch Stick. You can use it in a variety of ways as a foundation, highlighter, blusher or shader, it applies softly and easily and you can complete a contoured makeup look very quickly. Rather than using hands, you can use the built-in puff to blend, so you can finish your makeup very easily and quickly. I use it especially when I shade or highlight.

Tell us about your skincare regimen. What is your most cherished skincare product?

I enjoy using Nature Republic’s Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream. First of all, the texture is light and it contains a lot of medicine-like ingredients that are good for the skin like ginseng extract so when my skin’s condition is falling behind, I apply this product generously and go to sleep. The next morning, my skin is radiant and moist, beyond recognition.

Do you have any know-hows that you use?

I apply it while massaging, or at night, I apply a thick layer like a sleeping pack at night and sleep. On hot days like these days, if you keep it in your refrigerator, it’s also effective.

What kind of skin is Taeyeon most envious of?

Since I wear makeup for long periods of time, I pay attention to elasticity. I’m most envious of skin that is firm with a good skin tone.

When you stand on stage, you wear a lot of over-the-top makeup. What type of cleansing products do you use?

I use cream types that are not irritating. My skin tends to be thin so I try my best to cleanse gently.

Normally, you enjoy dyeing your hair blonde. Do you like blonde hair? What colour do you want to dye your hair next time?

My image changes a lot according to hair colour so I always think it over a lot. I don’t have a distinct reason for liking blonde hair. SNSD members and people around me say that bright colours suit me well. Mmm… If I was going to change my hair colour, I want to try a calm and deep brown colour.

You must have no time for maintenance due to your busy schedule. We’re curious about your home care methods.

I have a massage machine that is portable, so I carry it to schedules and use it. Skin quality is important, but you need to have good circulation inside of your body in order to have strong skin. While recharging, I’m planning on working on my inner beauty with a comfortable heart.

Source: Beauty+