The room is warm so I’m keeping snacks on the veranda. I went to go open it to eat it just now and at the sound, Sogeum thought I was getting her something so she comes and says “Meow~” but I didn’t know so I put the snack in my mouth and I turned around and she looks at me as if I’ve betrayed her…. Hey.. This is not yours;;;

In a moment, it felt like I was a mommy who was caught eating her kid’s food;;;;; Hey, this is mine…. Eat yours~~~~

It’s a biscuit so every time I take one out to put in my mouth, I keep having to notice… Sogeum-nim is completely staring me down face to face….. You ate a churu (kitty snack) just now, you cat-bully!!!!!

@snsdplus: Kekekeke, anyone who raises a pet can relate, kekekekeke. I’m raising a parrot and when I eat a tangerine, it comes over thinking it’s theirs…

Sunny: Does the owner bite the parrot?

@darks92: (Image that says “…Heartless…!”)

Sunny: Ah, what is this! If this is the case, am I the bad person?!?! Shudder shudder

@_HopeGG: Mother said she didn’t like snacks, mother said she didn’t like snacks, ai-ai-yah, kekekekeke. House butler’s joys and sorrows, kekekeke. Open a churu and give one to her, kekeke. (Reference to an older song)

Sunny: Person from olden days…..

@4ever_withGG: Kekekeke, Sogeumie is so cuteㅠㅠㅠㅠ Unnie, give some to me, too… I can’t go out because I’m at my part-time job but I didn’t buy dinnerㅠㅠ

Sunny: Do you… like Ciao Churu?….

@yumyumm_6: House butler’s life is like that,,,,..))) Give one to Sogeumie and give one to me.. I want snacks given out by unnie 😛

Sunny: No, it’s all mine. I’m going to eat it all and become a kkyul pig, kkyul kkyul

@alexzen1997: Noona.. tell me what responsibility isㅠㅠ When I first worked, I totally worked hard but since there haven’t been good results, I gave up without finishing… I want to do it until the end without giving up! How should I do it? Please give me strengthㅠㅠㅠ

Sunny: I’m noona? Then you’re still young!!!! Then, I don’t think there is a reason to be oppressed by responsibility. Of course, look at having concerns like this right now as a process of growing your sense of responsibility! You’re in the midst of a good growing period! It’s cool! I’ll cheer you on!!

@khjkkcls_9: Ah that’s mine and Sogeumie misunderstood~~ Ah~~ (Manjoo… Waiting..)

Sunny: Manjoo?! Deli manjoo?! Crunch. (Deli manjoo is a type of street food pastry sold in Korea.)

@jwesty21: Noonaaaa, I need to take a test. Even though Im working hard, I’m really dying from exhaustion ㅠㅠ

Sunny: Have strength, hero

@GirlsWing: So… you’re saying you pile up snacks and eat it??

Sunny: Heol, keke. Caught, keke.

@fannyny1: Unnie, I have too much time on my hands. I only go to my part-time job 3 times a week… What should I do?

Sunny: Be my serf

@intothe85: Thank you so much for being an important source of strength, so I could graduate. I’ve succeeded now ^^

Sunny: Aja!!!! (Similar to ‘Fighting!’)

@doocong085: Soonkyu-yah, how about chicken and beer tonight for dinner? (Photo of a box of chicken breading powder and a can of McCol, a non-alcoholic carbonated Korean drink that’s a mix of cola and beer)

Sunny: What is this, a result that’s different from my expectation?! Did I call for the wrong thing?!?! This is not the chicken and beer I know…….

@dc04151: Unnie, there isn’t a lot left of 2016~! I’m going to be 21 years old next year.

Sunny: Buy my age

@reingnight: I miss you, Sunny-yah, I’m a SONE from Taiwan

Sunny: Oh! In my bag of snacks, I have nougat crackers too!!!! Keke

@SUN_DB: Babies at my house don’t even look at me…. (Photo of two birds)

Sunny: Oh my, oh my, what is this? Why are they so pretty? I would be sorry to even touch them, kekekekeke

@ggoneloveyou: If you see this, you’ll be hungry!!!!! (Photo of meal)

Sunny: I ate a meal, and I’m eating snacks, so I’m not hungry at all, merong

@bwhale78: My scorpion doesn’t even eat when I feed it!!!

Sunny: Scor…pion…?!?! Eyes wide open!!!!

@kangseuldy: My Korean is bad.

Sunny: No, it’s great

@SUN_DB: Lee Soonkyu, if you come out with a solo or a duet less than 3 people, I will throw my life away, and go to all of the broadcasting stations and be #1 fan in line, I’ll have back up batteries and unlimited data, and I’m prepared to never go home, please just come out with it.

Sunny: *sigh*….. shakes head, shakes head

@SUN_DB: Ah why!!! Tell me pretty words!!!!!! Come out with a solo!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny: (thinking emoji)…(face palm emoji)

@rimo313: I made this (Photo of muffins)

Sunny: Oh!!

@_nrdr: What is this, did you leave already? Did you already leave?????

Sunny: I didn’t

@gg2785: #GoodLooking_GirlGroup_Competition

Soonkyu sets off!!!! (Photo of Sunny)

Sunny: Whoa whoa… Don’t do things like this, I’m going to get in trouble

@jongtae06: I want to say give me a cookie but I did a body assessment and they said I need to diet, so I won’t ask… Recommend an exercise?

Sunny: Oh! Then I’ll recommend an exercise that I’m the best at and I do it often… Truthfully, this is the only thing I know how to do!! That is~~~~~~ breathing.

@nimo_039: No, don’t go!! I just came in!!! Let me at least say goodbye

Sunny: Nimo-yah~ Hello??

@CuteboyZmt: Unnie, I love you. I want to cry. Reply me too.

Sunny: Don’t cry~~

@slowiemo: Soonkyu unnie, tell us in Englishㅠㅠ Please

Sunny: …love…you?…

@doocong85: In 2017, we’ll be able to meet more often and we’ll be able to hear more of your voice, right? I miss you a lot, you know my heart right? 😉 I hope you can spend a warmer time than anyone with Sogeum and your family! I love you >< ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ (My hands and feet have lost their way.)

Sunny: Don’t do this, my hands and feet will disappear!!!!!!!!! Euah!!!!!! (Meaning, it’s too cheesy so their hands and feet are curling in.)

@glenlivet_ss: Do you want to marry me?

Sunny: Let me think… Personally, I wouldn’t recommend myself, keke

@apijnk: How is your condition today?

Sunny: It’s good!!

@tang3099: Noona, have you eaten this at the SUM Cafe? I ate this and it was so good, try it next time (Photo of burger and fries)

Sunny: The truffle pasta there is good too!!

@MAINVOCALISTS: Unnie, am I late…? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Sunny: No, keke.

@Jeki_gg: Don’t go!!! Say goodbye to me before you go!!!! Because I love you!!!!!!!!

Sunny: That’s why I didn’t go

@sosinsone_0805: I’m going home now!! I’m going to eat at home~ It’s cold outside, so don’t catch a cold when you go to your schedule~

Sunny: Okay okay

@letsgogg805: No, no ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Unnie, did you leave? Is that true? ㅠㅠㅠ Nooooooooo ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I regret eating while you were tweeting ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Waaaaaah

Sunny: I didn’t go, don’t cry, keke

@rimo313: This is a photo from the Christmas party, nyam nyam (Photo of Christmas feast)

Sunny: Wow!!!!!!!

@zayouro: If you have time, spoil us on what time you’ll appear, I feel like if I sleep now, I won’t wake up. I’m exhausted.

Sunny: Just go to sleep comfortably and I recommended seeing the edits…

@frannzzzziii: Over here…. Unnie… Can’t you see me? ㅠㅠ

Sunny: I see you. Very well~~

@HanRhythm: I only came now but did you leave already,,?

Sunny: No~ I’m still here~

@ysy3878: What did unnie eat to be so pretty? Are you this pretty because you ate my love?

Sunny: Mmm……Huh?! Are you telling me to diet?!?!

@ruby070805: I can’t believe unnie will be 29 years old in 3 days… No, unnie doesn’t look like it, kekeke. It’s SONE who is aging.

Sunny: Uh…. it’s top secret, how did you know?! Let’s use our western ages from now on……

@gg2785: You said you were eating snacks so I bought some too, along with Minion milk, have you heard of this! (Photo of a bottle of Minion milk)

Sunny: Oh, what is this?! If you open it, does fuel come out??

@sailing_805: I bought a watch, isn’t it pretty? There’s Sunny’s autograph on the back too, aren’t you jealous!!!!!!

Sunny: Yes, keke. Special item, keke. 😉

@maaggu_628: I’m doing my hair but I’m bored… I’m waiting for the Entertainment Daesang awards but I don’t know when it will end…

Sunny: I’m doing my hair too, kekekekeke. Since your hair is done up prettily, come to the Entertainment Daesang awards~

@skim3469: Aah-ang, play with me too, Kyunim-ah~

Sunny: You say you’re the world’s best mildang girl!!!! Very, very scary!!!! (Sunny is referencing her Twitter name. Mildang means push/pull, refers to someone who is hot and cold in relationships)

@ohcori: Please give me one piece of the cookie… One piece… One… One piece?!!

Sunny: No, you devil

@IAMSONE0805: I was laughing while looking at your tweets at hakwon (institution giving private educational lessons) and got caught… It’s because of unnie…

Sunny: Oh…. Sorry… is not what I want to say, why are you looking at tweets at hakwon!!!! (For the first time in a while, imposing my unnie-ness)

@gg8sone: Huh-uk!! You were chattingㅠㅠ I went to go see La La Land now, so this person can’t chat live

Sunny: Tell me what you think without spoilers

@diamondkyu515: Unnie, would you like to drink warm coffee~~ (Photo of coffee cups)

Sunny: I want hot chocolate 😛

@doocong805: Soonkyu-yah, guess what ㅆㅋㄹㅇ is?? (Photo of “Lee Soonkyu <3 Doocong”)

Sunny: Saccharine?!

@duvtnsrb: Soonkyu, hello, it’s been a while~~ (Fan using photo of Sunny as display picture)

Sunny: Nice to see your photo, ancient relic-nim

@cafeak: You’re eating delicious snacks…Can you give me one bite…I guess you can’t? Hah…. I’m leaving for Hanamura (reference to Overwatch).

Sunny: Fun game (thumbs up emoji)

@Francessone: Reply to me too, unnieㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ It’s so hard to do homework for school right now

Sunny: Work hard, if you don’t do it now, it’s even harder later ㅠㅠ

@ruby070805: I’m suddenly curious but what is unnie’s greatest deviation (departure from norm) to date??

Sunny: Ah….. No matter what I write, I think people will say “Pfft!” (meaning, find it pathetic) so I will just refrain…..

@KakaLiew: Sogeum’s mother~ Can’t Sogeumie play with our BenBen? (Photo of BenBen, the bunny)

Sunny: Uh………. I’m okay with that…. But isn’t BenBen’s opinion more important?;;;

@Qaxwsx0309: Sunny noonang~~~~ I’m on night duty, give me strength

Sunny: Have strength!!!!!!!! Night duty fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

@surprise_Y: What do you think about this screen capture? (Photo of Sunny on “Knowing Brothers”, looking annoyed with a caption that says “I’m irritated….”)

Sunny: I’m irritated…….

@dc04151: Ta dah, Soonkyu unnie, it’s 5 Minions~!! (Photo of 5 Minion bottles)

Sunny: Wow!!!!! Five cans of fuel!!!!!

@yoongming99: It’s actually Sogeum’s

Sunny: I said it wasn’t~~~~~

@doocong085: Watch Rogue One!!! 4DX!!!! Our Darth Vader daddy’s light sabre, shwang shwang (Only bad thing is nausea)

Sunny: I do like 4D too… But sometimes it’s like someone is knocking from behind… I’m scared water will come out so I’m stressed while watching it, and then I don’t feel well and I wonder if I need to watch it like… this;;;; Is that just me?!?!

@udoni8: It’s finally hereㅜㅜ Chicken♡♡♡♡♡ I’m eating it deliciously♡ (Photo of fried chicken)

Sunny: This is…… boneless meat…. half saucy…. half cheese….?!?!

@bijou_taeyeon: Unnie, I’m going to dye my hair during school vacation, give me a recommendation!!!

Sunny: If you’re on vacation, as expected, it should be a cool blue black.

@ggoargg: Age ending in 9, yoo hoo

Sunny: What did you say~~~??? I can’t hear you~~~~~??????

@sixssam85: Unnie, I miss you! I’m alone so I haven’t eaten dinner yet, please give me a recommendation for a dinner menu…

Sunny: Since your username is six ssam, have stir fried pork ssam rice

@GGAZAZAK: Sunny unnie, spend the remaining 2016 well and in the coming 2017! SNSD’s 10th anniversary year!! Let’s spend it well! It will be difficult for me to go meet you in person as I have to re-take the national exam but I will cheer you on from the library!!!

Sunny: I will cheer you on even more, fighting!!

@kingekinge0104: Our house’s kitty always does that too. These days, the cat steals the dog’s snacks so it’s twice the size of Sogeumie. We named it King and only its body is king. It always bit me so I bit it too and it looks at me with a shocked face…

Sunny: Times like that, expand your body and say “I have this much dignity!!!!!” then the cat will know and avoid you…….. Forever…..

@_xolosteph: Why was I born in 99, going into third year of high school on Soshi’s 10th anniversary year? Oh God…

Sunny: Aiko~~ Exam daebak!!!!!!

@GG_Sunny0822: Noona, tonight’s dinner menu is chicken vs. pizza. What should I eat?

Sunny: Today, I’m craving pizza

@taenynn: Unnie, I miss you… Unnie, are you happy??

Sunny: Oh?……. Wow…. That question is as if someone smacked the back of my head…. Hmmm?…. Let’s see…. Mmm…. Yes! I think I’m happy!!!! 😀

@TTO_RA: A photo of Lee Soonkyu in loose pants that wouldn’t be in Lee Soonkyu’s phone~ Throwing over a photo! If I do this, you’ll respond, right? (Photo of Sunny wearing loose pants in Cheonghajangsa)

Sunny: Very…….. Short………..

@yjm1128: I want to eat chicken~ (Photo of Sunny on Invincible Youth catching a chicken)

Sunny: Hey, hey, you’re not supposed to capture things like this, it put back…. No, throw it away!!!!!!!!

@daengtokki: To Sunny, Sejeong is???

Sunny: God Sejeong, prettiest in the world

@asoshiation: I’m going to give up, kekekeke

Sunny: Don’t give up!!!!!

@ash23658848: Eating school food… It’s not good, what do I do? ㅠㅠ

Sunny: For times like this, always carry ketchup with you!!

@oz_n2: My hamster is holding onto a peanut and eating it diligently (Photo of hamster eating a peanut)

Sunny: Ah….. Heart pounding…… Cute

@ri_sunnyxx: Do you have any plans to go to USJ? It’s so fun. It has the world’s best Christmas tree (Photo of Christmas tree)

Sunny: Will it still be there until I can go?……

@ri_sunnyxx: Unnie…It’s only until Januaryㅠㅠ Keke

Sunny: Right?……..ㅠㅠ

@TaeN_mal: Soonkyu-yah, have you eaten garlic bossam before…?.. There’s also skate and oysters but there’s not makgeolli, keuuu (Photo of described meal)

Sunny: Oh, what is this?!?! Visual explosion!!!!!!

@GSlove78: Soonkyu, what are you doing?

Sunny: Getting ready to go out

@presunyerrow: Soonkyu unnie~ My name is Precious~ Keke, Sunny unnie~ I’m yours~~

Sunny: Oh ho!!!!!!

@angkiwuddi: Noona, I found a part-time job!!! The wage is good!!

Sunny: Good good

@wonrim0802: Unnie…I’m going into 3rd year of high school in 3 days….. Tell me to study…Give me strength ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Waaaah

Sunny: In 3 days, I’m going to be 29…. Wouldn’t you have more strength?…. Give me strength tooㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Waaaaaaaaah

@enchantedseo: Unnie, have strength! We are here! We will always be beside you

Sunny: Thank you ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

@CuteboyZmt: Unnie, tell me you love me. Just once. Please.

Sunny: I love you, I love you, I love you

@ggoargg: Where are you, kekekekeke. Are you home, or at the salon, or at MBC, kekekekekeke.

Sunny: In your heart.

@V_tico85: I hunger for Kyu unnie’s response,,

Sunny: I’m here

@enchantedseo: Unnie, your smile makes me happy. Keep smiling <3 (GIF of Sunny)

Sunny: Aigoo, it’s from when I was really young, kekekeke

@TippaCha: Unnie, I have an exam soonㅠㅠ Please tell me fighting… If you tell me fighting, I can do well!!

Sunny: Fighting!!!!!!

@truelove515: Unnie, spoil how pretty you look today…

Sunny: No, haven’t transformed yet

@darks92: When you were promoting The Boys, was there a member who had a part-time job at a movie theatre store? (Capture is from Conan) (Screen capture of a cartoon that says Kwon Yuri (23 years old), salesperson)

Sunny: What?! She had two jobs?!?!

@ggoneloveyou: When I see this, it brings back memories~~ Right?? I was in 3rd year of middle school then (Collage of Sunny on Invincible Youth)

Sunny: Wow….. Memories are coming back

@SOUL_ggty: I want a Soonkyu mention ㅠㅠㅠ Give me a mention too (Wah wah)

Sunny: Here you go. I picked one up on the way.

@FanGxii: Always be happy (GIF of Chorong)

Sunny: Kkyahreuk! Chorong-ah!!!!

@ggloves805: Unnie, my mention shows up, right…?!

Sunny: Yes, yes

@V_tico85: I can’t receive a response, wahㅠ

Sunny: That’s not true!!!!!!

@07_0805: On the first broadcast of FM Datel, you said you’d give Sunny’s endless love and affection if I uploaded a proof photo of the gift, but why didn’t you, Sunny unnie?

Sunny: Here. Endless. Love. Affection.

@jigiyu_ss: Noona, noona, I’m turning 20 in a few days and my heart is so restless.. ㅠ

Sunny: Ah……. I’m envious!!!!!!!

@Cipoo02: I think I’ve used up my luck on Instagram comments.. But when you respond to comments, don’t your fingers hurt…?

Sunny: Oong, oong, Sunny, no. My fingers are strong.

@171630_: Cold these days are severe, so be careful. Don’t be sick like me ㅠ_ㅠ

Sunny: Get well soon~~

@dsns0805: Unnie, if you don’t respond, you’re marrying me! <<< Pow o<<

Sunny: Well….. I don’t think I’m being disadvantaged?!?! You still want to do it?;;;

@dnjsl0309: If I whine too, will you pick up a mention for me on your way too?

Sunny: No, I’ll go, come back and give one to you

@Beebz_8: I lost my keys today…. I’m going to look for it tomorrow, where would it beㅠ Come back…

Sunny: Pocket?!

@for_ty_: Unnie, respond to me too ㅠㅠ

Sunny: Ang

@Withseo_85: Unnie, I’m starting vacation tomorrow ㅠ_ㅠ Isn’t it so late..

Sunny: I hope you go back to school late too!!!!

@a_piacere8: Dress warmly when you go out, if you catch a cold, I will be sad

Sunny: Yes

@tneoddl02: It’s sudden but I like you a lot

Sunny: Thank you

@nanana_tt: Sunny unnie, you’re pretty!! I love you

Sunny: It-hing (similar to hehe)

@amei22887: Will a photo of tangsooyuk (sweet and sour pork) be able to get a response mention from Lee Sunny-nim? (Photo of sweet and sour pork)

Sunny: I’m going to eat it for tomorrow’s dinner

@kingekinge0104: I’m at a convenience store and it’s so cold…ㅠㅠ I don’t know how to turn on the heater so I’m shivering while being a cashierㅠㅠ

Sunny: Hurry, grab and hug the hot buns!!!!!

@130059174: If not me, look at this kid!!!! Unnieㅠㅠ (Photo of cat with eyes closed)

Sunny: Baby must be sleeping??

@aydtprp01: ㅇㅅㄱㄴㅇㅈ Acknowledged?! If I can’t have you, take me, I nominate me

Sunny: Lee Soonkyu-nim aja! Yes, I will have strength, aja!

@monstasx: Unnie… Respond……… To…….. Me…… Once………….. Please……………………. (Screencaps of sloth from Zootopia)

Sunny: Aigoo, I was imitating the captures and I’m out of breath

@ferrarii13: Isn’t Korea too cold?!~ If you’re too cold, it’s warmer to be inside of my heart. Come here, come here

Sunny: ………No response

@SUN_DB: Eating tangerine after brushing teeth vs. giving me a sweet mention

Sunny: Tangerine

@GG_Sunny0822: Noona, do you have any thoughts on being a radio DJ again next year? I miss SoonDㅠㅠㅠ So I listen to FM Date again time to time ㅠㅠ I like 10-12 pm time slot

Sunny: When memories remain as memories is when they’re most beautiful

@G1rlsGeneration: Heok, is this where angel fairy idol Sunny-nim is having a mention party?

Sunny: Description is burdensome, so running away.

@architaang: Today is very cold, so don’t catch a cold..

Sunny: Okay

@oz_n2: Be careful of cold, unnie. Thankfully I only have a sore throat (Missed school today, nice…) but be careful, unnie!!

Sunny: I will

@God_Sejeong28: When will you know me? 🙁

Sunny: Now?

@SOUL_ggty: Unnie, tell me that it’s okay to be short…I’m only 156 cm ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Sunny: Ah…………. Don’t lose heart.

@hicorn_0805: Unnie, I’m 147… I’m not growing any more, am I ruined?

Sunny: You’re not ruined, cutie

@dandyuring: On my timeline, everyone got a reply except me… Life.. Hah..

Sunny: Doubt it……

@chris31351: Unnie, who won’t respond, too much, too much

Sunny: TT~~ TT~~ (Both made reference to lyrics of TWICE’s song “TT”)

@zayouro: Reading all of the responses, and what is this sudden feeling of being wealthy, keke. Unchanging Lee Soongkyu, I am unchangingly cheering you on! I shout this and run away ogeul togeul (meaning, cringing from cheesiness).

Sunny: I caught you! You ogeul togeul culprit!!!!

@SUN_DB: I’m angry, so I changed my nickname, hmph (Fan’s new nickname: “DB who is less than a tangerine eaten after brushing teeth”)

Sunny: Hey~~~~ Change your nickname back, oooh jjoo jjoo (words said to comfort a baby)….. Not gyul, but ggyul, keke. (Gyul is tangerine in Korean, ggyul is an aegyo way of saying it.)

@Withseo_85: Unnie, what does it feel like to turn 29 years old?!?!?!

Sunny: When you feel it, you’ll know too

@130059174: Make me friends with Sogeumie!! (Photo of a cat)

Sunny: Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ginger colour!!!!!!!!!!!!

@220centimeters: When can I receive a reply…

Sunny: Right now

@MDXYZPTLK: You fell from the sky just now, are you okay? Are you an angel?

Sunny: No!!!!!!

@jongtae06: It hasn’t been long since the first digit of my age changed but I’m another year older so I’m sad. Although my western age is in the 20s… Want to take some of my age??

Sunny: Whoa whoa…. I have enough

@fannyny1: Unnie, I’m turning 23 now, is this early or mid? Haha

Sunny: You’re a chick

@pink_panda419: Unnie, Chorong or Sejeong? Kekeke

Sunny: Don’t do this……… It’s a question that’s too difficult

@Springday_07805: Unnie, I’m starting vacation tomorrow and I hope there are many days in my vacation where I can see you, I really miss you. Unnie, do you know my heart?

Sunny: I knew it just now

@gg2785: Unnie, take me. If said that, you could reject me so take this kid instead…? (Photo of Squirtle doll)

Sunny: Squirtle?

@wmh0624: So… When will I get a response… Even if you don’t, that’s okay… As long as you know that I love you

Sunny: Know my heart too

@spoan_999: Unnie, did you leave?… Did I miss my timing.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ My life is over

Sunny: No, it’s not over!!!!

@mpaudwls: I want to receive a response too, first mention on SNS… Lee Soonkyu…

Sunny: Congrats! Post!!

@taedeul_ss: All of the SONE on my timeline are receiving reply mentions and only I haven’t gotten one… At least say hello ㅠㅠㅠ

Sunny: No~~ I’m here~~~~

@sonengg: Knock knock~ Is this the right door to Lee Sunny’s heart??

Sunny: I’m not buying anything

@oz_n2: I love you, exactly like this feeling

Sunny: Heart flutter I’ve been waiting for, I want to eat it (This reference lyrics to “Into the New World”, with Sunny’s interesting addition at the end, haha)

@taenggu_39: Phewㅠ It has been almost 1.5 years since the last promotion, I really miss you.. Does unnie miss SONE too..?

Sunny: Of course

@Springday_07805: Kyu, be careful of colds ㅠㅠㅠ This winter is even colder so be careful and dress even more warmly!!

Sunny: Okay, I got it 😀

@ferrarii13: If I’m lonely, it gets better just by looking at Sun’s face. Whew, let’s get married.

Sunny: Is it okay to marry just anyone like this??


See you soon~~

Wow~ Giving an award made me as nervous as receiving one!!!! Regardless, I met a lot of faces that I missed and I was so happy I could give an award with our family Jonghyunnie to Kangta oppa, huge sunbaenim who I respect, our unnie, Shinyoung unnie and Bae Chulsoo ajussi who I love!!!! Kkyahreuk!!

It was my first time in Sangam in a while!!!! Hehe!