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I ordered chicken but why hasn’t it come?!

No, not chicken to feed Sogeumie, my chicken

Why isn’t it coming?! I’m getting vertigo, hurry and bring my chicken to me

It’s here

The table in my room is in full swing with Gundam work so I am heading to the kitchen table


Wow…….. It smells good

Wow, soy sauce chicken……. It’s terrific

Saucy chicken, kekeke. So delicious, kekekekekekekeke

As expected, boneless half and half was a worthy choice

I will give it a score of 5 stars

Yes Sogeum-nim, after I eat, I will prepare your birthday table

I can see the bottom of the saucy chicken. Incredible speed…

You can eat a lot if you eat quickly

Me today will dedicate my all at eating… Responsibilities will fall to me tomorrow. Lightly toss!

I’m eating chicken alone. I don’t drink alone for my health. Typically, I drink water but today the free cola that came with the order has tempted me so today it’s chicken and cola.

I maintain one piece per minute. It’s maintaining pace for a long race.

One piece… One… Piece… I want to play Overwatch, no, this devil, Maple Story M is so fun, so fun

Yes, that’s right. Chicken is delicious so Sunny is moving fast

I can’t block it, endorphin is overflowing!!!!!!

I don’t play Overwatch, I’m eyeing it

I do play Maple M, level 74, come in, come in

On Maple, when you’re a noob, it’s Quest Shuttle and when your mid-level, it’s physically demanding – but I can’t escape it ㅠㅠ

I don’t buy in-game items!

My chicken consumption rate is slowing, no, this can’t be, have strength, my stomach!!!!

Buying in-game items is for the weak. But if I’m a game model later, please give me lots and lots of in-game credits, bow down, bow down

I think there will be chicken left over….. As expected, was it too much…..

I will freeze it and eat it as ice chicken

What do you mean I don’t know anything about chicken, ice chicken was on the summer set menu!!!!

Yes of course, that menu has completely failed, like fruit chicken

Shatter the theory that chicken works with anything……

I want to eat Mom’s Touch but it’s not in our neighbourhood…. Why is it only in other neighbourhoods ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Since I’m already like this, I am opening today’s chicken

It was Satto Chicken boneless, half soy sauce and half saucy

Fried potatoes is Mom’s Touch, Popeyes and Kkanbu Chicken has similar taste

Chicken expert Teacher Lee Soonkyu looks after Choeae Chicken and at the same time, is not indifferent to New Face’s reception

If I wrote a dissertation on fast food, at minimum, I would have a Nobel Peace Prize

But I do like the fried coating on fried chicken the most….. It’s heresy!!!!!!!!!

Oh? I wrote a resolution for which I should be thrown stones at but there are a lot of people who agree…. Perplexed.

Put the (chicken) legs away, I will decline it. I… like breast meat….. Ha-ack, dry meat is the best!!!!!

@sailing_complete I will eat the legs and Sunny unnie can eat the breast meat

Sunny’s response: It’s heresy!!!!!!!!!

@jjyyjjs: Unnie, I have a test tomorrow. If unnie cheered me on, I will get a 100…

Sunny’s response: If you have a test tomorrow……. Don’t do what you’re doing now but how about studying? But I will cheer you on regardless! Fighting!! If you get a good score, it’s thanks to me, if you don’t, your fault

@98.eb: Soonkyu-yah, tell me your battle tag and nickname, let’s play Overwatch together

Sunny’s response: No, you devil

@neverland801_ss: SONE, who are in 3rd year of high school next year. When you don’t know, guess with Kyu’s birthday!!!

Sunny’s response: Ah ah…… (plunk down on the ground)

Why can’t I bring up a new feed?! Eu-ang, destroy Insta!!! Destroy Earth!!!!!!!!!

Eu-ah, I’m digested, starting round 2

What do you mean Lee Sookyu has 4 stomachs, kekekeke. Am I a cow?! Kekekeke.

Huh?! When you rest for a moment while eating, don’t you want to start eating again……

Sogeumie is hitting the wall. Moving around. Thought it was District 13…

@doocong085: I didn’t know what District 13 was so I searched it ((current person))

Sunny’s response: No, ahjae-yah (short for ahjussi)

Current situation, saucy chicken all kill, going to finish off soy sauce chicken

Ah……… Any more is too much, too much.. Look forward to tomorrow morning’s return match

@ajw9988ajw The hamster I’m raising keeps biting me. What should I do, house butler?

Sunny’s response: I think it’s because the hamster knows where you rank. Next time it bites you, you should bite it back.

@sunny_db: I’m still at school, studying overnight and my notifications keep ringing….. Don’t tempt me…..

Sunny’s response: Turn off the notifications, brave one.

@yalai_ss: What? Chicken is fried chicken.

Sunny’s response: Hey, hey, stop your provocation there.

@sunny_db: Write me a scenario for a short film~~! It has to show social criticism, but my nature is too kind so I’m not good at criticism…. I’m not good at it?

Sunny’s response: What are you saying, keke. As you’re picking your nose.

@kangdayoung1: Gcova is delicious too, I want to order Gcova for you

Sunny’s response: I heard Gcova is known for its chicken rice?! Again it’s someone else’s neighbourhood… Sob sob, I want to try all of
the world’s chickenㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Ah… SM Station…… I think it’s coming out on the 30th. Part is… Don’t wish for too much, a person needs to have a conscience….

@doocong085: If Soonkyu’s part is longer than 30 seconds, I will buy Melona (type of ice cream)

Sunny’s response: When you come, bring Melona

Ice cream is Papico (chocolate flavoured ice cream)

What do you mean B-B-Bic (red bean flavoured ice cream)?! I thought you were my dad

Wow…… There are lots of you with ajumma taste in flavours

Jaws Bar, when you take it out it’s Ba Bam Bar (chestnut flavoured ice cream)

Pig Bar, when you look at it now, it’s Ba Bam Bar

I’m not an ahjae (short for ahjussi)

Ahjeumae (another word for ajumma)

For Excellent, the gold one is the best (Excellent is another ice cream bar, gold one is French vanilla)

This is real, impossible to refute, can’t do anything, argue only what you can and stay out of what you can’t

@ty_chu39: Guess whatㅇㅅㄱㄴㅇㅈ is ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^

Sunny’s response: Lee Soonkyu-nim, aja! (Fan put up consonants to ask Sunny to guess the phrase and this is Sunny’s guess.)

@getrhvd253 Do you know what 우심뽀까 means?

Sunny’s response: We’re bored so should we kis… destroy it!! Destroy snacks!!!!!!!!!! (Again, fans teasing Sunny with a phrase – which means “We’re
bored so should we kiss?” – and she’s giving a non-sensical response back.)

@sunny_db: Soonkyu-yah, guess what 날규리얼 is~~~^♡ ^??

Sunny’s response: Deliquent Kyu, real early adopter

@onlyfor805: If you guess this one, I will acknowledge that you are young: ㅅㄴㅅㄷ ㄴㅇㅈ

Sunny’s response: SNSD, no acknowledgement

Everyone shout together, SoShi o’clock!! It has already passed by one minute

Euang, destroy page refresh!!!!!!!!!!

I’m full and my back is warm so I’m falling asleep

Ah, ah, if I sleep now……. I will become a full moon!!!! (She means her face will swell up from all of the food she just ate)

We meet Korean Thanksgiving Day again

I can’t stay like this, I will eat tangerines to wake up. Since tangerines have a lot of vitamin C, it will have an anti-oxidative effect but rather than me getting younger, my hands and feet are getting yellow

Once you start eating tangerines, you can’t stop, I peel and eat an entire box and then my hands and feet turn yellow so then the neighbourhood grandmas say “Hey, hey, isn’t this jaundice?!” Don’t you have to eat it to that point?

You don’t believe me? True story from when I was six years old

No, it’s not that your feet turn yellow because you’re peeling it with your feet, but your whole body becomes the colour of a tangerine because you ate so many

You’re saying none of you have had this experience?! Heol, daebak

Wow, this is unfair

Tangerine sad

@doocong515: I’ve turned yellow before, Soonkyu-yah!!

Sunny’s response: I have an ally

Tangerine is delicious if you nibble on it, it’s delicious if you peel, freeze and then eat it and it’s also delicious if you roast it whole with the peel on

But why are these tangerines so sweet…. Wow, it’s all going in……

There was a tangerine flavoured ice cream a long time ago, was it called SaengGyulTaengGyul?

BeRa (Baskin Robbins) is love me

But this is now a rare item

All of your tastes are diverse

@welchs8: Everyone move aside, a past Baskin Robbins part-timer is here! Kekekekekeke

Sunny’s response: I heard that Baskin Robbins part-timers have different forearm thicknesses. Is it true?!

I was too busy so I haven’t used Gifticon yet, I received it on my birthday…..

I keep extending the deadline.. Should I say it’s like a “some” guy who keeps giving false hope…. If it completely expires, I would give up but what is this deadline extension… They make it not work out in your favour. I want to make you mine.

If only I pushed and pulled like Gifticon….. Hah ah…….

Truthful tears of a person who is broken at dating…..

Ooh-wang! Koo-wang! Sunny is becoming violent due to loneliness

You won’t believe me but I’m shy

Huh? I’m still an idol?!?! You’re considering me an idol?!?! Really?!?!?! Kkyah-reuk

Heh, I’m still an idol, wow, keke. Good, keke.

Ancestor idol wahhhhh….

I ate too many tangerines and my stomach feels like it’s going to explode

Say cheesy words when I’m about to leave, kekekeke. Or is it my time to leave now?!

@aaas0829 A tangerine has 39 calories….

Sunny’s response: What?! You’re saying a tangerine is 39 calories?!?! Why is that important…. Why is that important!!!!!!!!!!

Soonae-sshi eats to her heart’s desire when there is no promotions and later during schedules, she stands out in the managers’ eyes and gets scolded

Occasionally when I go to a schedule, I waddle to a corner to not stand out in the managers’ eyes but the managers’ eyes already glaring at me from over there is scary

Even when I go to the washroom, I check to see if the managers are in the hallway and when they’re not there, I run at my top speed, but they appear out of nowhere. Were they a ninja in their past life?

Deep love of a previous life?

Ha-ah…….. But I ate again……. I’m going to have to escape to the dorm bed for a while…. Outside of my duvet is dangerous

Seriously searched sleeping bags

If I buy a sleeping bag, when I go out to eat, do I have to crawl outside in the sleeping bag?! Or like a larvae shedding its skin, do I go out quickly
and come back in.

I can’t do hot water mattress, I will melt!!!!!!

Ko… Kotatsu?!?! Absurd

Kotatsu, tangerines, cat……. A fantastic combination……. I’m about to impulse buy!!!! SONE, give me strength!!!!!!!!!

Monthly…. Installment… Plan?!?! This month’s me and next month’s me! And if I also combine the month after that, there’s nothing I can’t buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoot… Kotatsu…. You’re still a beginner level… My mind is more than enough to overcome you… That’s right… Right now, I’m a… Freelancer!!!!! It’s not solid enough to be able to handle a monthly installment plan!!!!!!!! Zero interest to the unemployed is the whisper of the devil!!!!!!!! I won’t be fooled, waaaaaaaaah

Hoo-oh……. This kid…. Pretty…. Strong…..

It wasn’t the best but I tried my best… HP will be refilled with tangerines

And I end up starting to eat again

Did you know that you can pop a balloon with a tangerine peel?!

If you press a tangerine peel against a balloon and shoot! out the oil, the balloon will burst, bang!

It’s truth o o real

Ah but after working hard to blow up a balloon and then working hard to peel a tangerine, I don’t know why you would make it go bang! but
if science steps up to the plate, what will happen?

Ah, one moment, Sogeumie’s aegyo attack has started

I have to play with her and make her go to sleep

I’m going (so cool)


Love you


Source: Sunny’s Instagram