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Sunny’s comments:

First comment

Oh yeah, finally first comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puwahahahahaha!!!!! This feels completely good!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there something that you want Soonkyu to fix??

Ah, the story about poop was a bit weird, right?? I thought it’d be edited but it wasn’t…. ㅠㅠ

Ah,, that;;; I declined the drama…. It was such an important character in a fun piece….So I thought I wouldn’t be good enough since it’d be my first acting role!!!!! That drama is very fun so everyone watch it!!! Especially the director and writer’s personality is completely good, kekekeke. The actors are all cool too!!

I’m a sad kid because I’m short.. But at least I can see eye-to-eye well with Jungsoo oppa so I’m thankful..

No no, acting is better when people with pretty and handsome faces do it!!!! I… just enjoy watching more, keke

Sook unnie is here and if you say you’re saying you’d get hit in the eye, kekekekeke. Bad!!!!!

Ah… Since it’s the first episode, did it show that I was trying too hard?? Kekekeke. Now my body is tired so it’s hard to do that, keke. I’ll do it slowly next time, kekekeke.

I am originally all of yours?! Kekekeke. Cheesy, cheesy.

I’m on my 6th book of Glass Mask.

It’s an older book so there are some cheesy aspects but as expected, a classic is a classic… Keuuu~~~

For movies, I recommend Matrix Limitless! For comics, I recommend Unplugged Boy, Slam Dunk, Glass Mask! Puhaha.

One Punch Man is enjoyable too!!!! Thrilling, refreshing, fun.

Content of One Piece is good… But that… Is such a long piece….. Haha

I watched Fullmetal Alchemist! Law of momentum, kekekeke.

I haven’t seen anything that is so so!! Just the taste differs from mine…. Dim memory..

Equivalent exchange is a term that came from comic books and if you apply that to real life, you can view it like law of momentum…. Something
like that.

Ace…. Made me so sad….  ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ My heart heartsㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Why did they kill him!!!!!!  The writer is a bad personㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Read webtoons, Sound of the Heart, History of Losers, With Gods, and Apartment, Moss, Timing… I think I think I’ve seen almost all of Kang Full writer’s work

I’m watching Another Oh Haeyoung and I sent a message to Eric oppa saying “So fun!” and he read the message but didn’t response…. Our relationship is like that…. Hmph

I can’t do Snapchat, my personality is not diligent

That’s okay, if Eric oppa texts me, I’m going to read it and not respond. That’s the obvious thing about our relationship, kekekeke.

Our Minwoo oppa is good at responding

But the problem is that he really thinks of me as a younger brother…

Right?! Even when I look at it, I’m a younger brother…..

Okay, call me hyung (older brother)

Soshi is a male group?!

Ah.. I’m full…. Did everyone eat??

Make sure you eat

If you don’t eat, I’m leaving

Right. You should do it… Eat!!!!!

Yes, yes, I love you too

I’m in my room, on my bed, laying down toward the right direction and on my phone

I’m not leaving yet, I’m just saying I love you

Sogeum is over there~ all alone, playing chicly and haughtily

Yes, yes, the butler is only an unimportant person to Sogeum owner….. Tear

What story should I tell you?

I kissed Sogeum a little while ago, I held her head and chu, chu, chu

I won’t give her a chance to reject me… Hoot

Recently, I was really busy ㅠㅠ Going forward, I think I’ll only be doing Strong Man, so my heart has become comfortable!!!!

Ah.. scar on my leg?!?! I got up from a wooden chair, walked backwards and lost my balance so I got scratched;;;;

I didn’t think it would scar but it became like this;;;

That’s okay, it will lighten again~~

Okay okay!! I’m sorry!! I won’t get hurt!!!! Ogoo, so scary!!!!


Ah! I want to get a quickboard that moves automatically!! Which one is good?! I think I’d like one with handles

Is that one too bulky??

No, won’t that be decent exercise??;;;;

Is that right… Is it too big?….

No, when I asked on Twitter, I asked because it was urgent and there are weird people who think I was asking fans to buy it for me;;;; That’s not it….

It’s not like that this time either. Don’t buy it for me. It’s a bad habit. I earn money with my own strength, so don’t get in the habit of buying me presents!!!! Write me letters, take pretty photos and make me things like comment books. I was so thankful for that, I almost teared up for the first time in a long time.

Right, we know each other so that’s more than enough, keke.

Do you know how touched I was looking at the comment books?!?!

How are all of you so good at writing?!?! Scary

Each and every sentence made me all happy…. Ah~ You like me this much…. You get me… It’s good that I worked hard… That’s how I felt… Thank you

I saw the postcards tied together too!! Who tied it together!!!! The skills are, kekekekeke. It was so cute so I cried and laughed….
If I get a horn on my butt, it’s all because of SONE!!!!! (Note: There’s a Korean saying that says if you cry and laugh, you’ll sprout a horn on your butt.)

I like that we’re all getting older together!!!!

Kekekekeke, cute SONE!!!!! You’re all loveable!!!!!

What’s cute about me, you peas-in-a-pod…. Hooooo….

I don’t like my cheek or my face—

I don’t like that I’m short and I don’t like that my thumb is ugly… Hmph!!!!

Hmph!!!!! All of you are blind…..

But why isn’t Strong Man on OllehTV?? I want to rewatch it and it’s not there….

It’s embarrassing so let’s talk about something else

Who uses OllehTV????

How can I watch Strong Man?????

Ah…. It’s not up yet??

Darn….. I want to watch itㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Pop TV? Poof? What’s all that????

Video portal???

Ah, I can watch it with my mobile phone????

Oh, Poof??? But does it show JTBC?? And you can rewatch??

Ah, it’s Pooc?! Kekekekeke, sorry, keke.

Regardless, you’re saying I can watch it with my mobile phone??

Huh? It’s on the homepage of JTBC?????

Oh!!!!! Go go go to the homepage

I will go re-watch it and come back

What’s everyone else going to do??

Okay, then play everyone!!!! I’ll go rewatch!!!!!

I love you!!!!!!

I love you, a lot, hehehehehe

I love you

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