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Did you watch Strong Man?

No, I’m asking if you watched Strong Man

It was a bit chaotic because it was the first episode, right?! It will become more entertaining as it goes on


People around me are telling me to open a business~~ Saying it’s fun, kekekekeke. I’ll make SONE do part-time work, kekekeke.

Part-time work pay is my love

Ah what, there’s a drama rumour?!?! Ah, so embarrassing…..

Until it’s official, try to shhhhhh!

To say it’s the main character…. It’s not the main character! I’ll do well so you don’t hear that I’m bad at acting…..

There are articles already?!?! Ah no…. Only I didn’t know…..

There won’t be a need for SONE’s hearts to shatter

My image will be shattered instead

They’re saying it’s under considerations? Then let’s leave it at that…..

Daebak for exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t drink that much yesterday but I became wasted….. I’m old these days so my stamina is crap….. Manager unnnie was worried so she brought me to my room

I’m not Soolkyu anymore

Oh, you’re sharp (in Korean, sharp is “Yeri”)?! I thought you were Red Velvet, kekekeke. Yes, I was asked to be on the Glass Mask drama so I bought it to study for acting

I lost weight automatically. When I went to the US and played and ate, I came back chubby so I was scolded by manager oppa but now that I’m doing schedules, the weight just came off

As expected, the best thing for diets is SNSD schedule

I’m short and I gain weight easily on my upper body so I can’t gain weight, I show up badly on screen

What is pure about me, kekekekekekekekeke

Yes, Soonsoo is SONE…….. Self-destruction
(Soonsoo is the name Sunny mistakenly called SONE. Means “pure”.)

I’m sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry…. I didn’t sleep properly then so I was out of my mind……..

I’m not a stranger and I can’t believe I got the name of our SONE wrong……. Haahhh…….

Don’t look for the video, hmmmmmmph


I arrived at the schedule location

I’m leaving Soonsoo behind……….

Let’s say goodbye

So I get some strength

Tell me~~~~~

I love you too, SONE

Thank you!!!!!! I will do well!!!!!!!

I love you

I love you

Source: Sunny’s Instagram