[TRANS] Sunny Interview in SURE Magazine, May 2016 – “SUNNY DAYS”

Summer, Sunny and Bali. SNSD Sunny’s exotic makeup looks
that contains the season ahead.

“It’s okay to film in the water. I’m pretty good at swimming.” Even before the shoot started, Sunny showed the easy-going personality she is well known for. Truthfully, this is our second time shooting with her. Two makeup editorials were both conducted with the editor, so it’s a surprising connection. She set the atmosphere even before the shoot began, and she didn’t show any strain at all shooting under direct sunlight and in water, so even the sweaty staff (weather in Bali was a windless 30⁰C) forgot about the heat during behind-the-scenes of the shoot.  

It was top secret, but she was not alone for the Bali editorial shoot. Best friend Hyoyeon joined on the trip, and they each shot an editorial (Hyoyeon’s fashion editorial will be unveiled in the July issue of <SURE>). Thanks to ‘SunHyo’ (shortened name for Sunny and Hyoyeon, created by fans), staff made fun memories at this editorial shoot. Short interview shared with Sunny in Bali regarding beauty.

Hasn’t it been a while since you’ve spent free time, not worried about schedules?

Yes, other than than the editorial shoot, I don’t have a busy schedule so I have freedom in several ways. Normally, I tend to sleep a lot but there aren’t a lot of opportunities to do that. After the shoot, as soon as I received a massage at the resort, I fell asleep. Now that I’ve come to Bali, my body and mind must both be comfortable.

Normally, do you tend to wear makeup?

I go around barefaced, not even wearing “barefaced” makeup. People around me even tell me to go out wearing some makeup. Even then, I do a simple coverage, with cushion pact or BB cream. If an embarrassing situation arises, I usually wear sunglasses.

At last night’s adieu party (last day, when we came back) with the staff, you were like a different person.

On a special day, I do a different hairstyle. For example, I do a 1:9 part and tie it, like I am today. If you do that, even without special makeup, you can show a differently coloured feel. Ah, I wear more eyeliner. A thin, pointy line, like cat’s eye.

What is beauty according to Sunny?

Natural self, that is not adorned. Yourself!


If you’re planning to enjoy a full day of tanning, natural
skin is recommended. Lightly cover your skin with a BB cream and then, apply
coloured eyeshadow to your eyelids and as eyeliner. After that, use a waterproof
mascara emphasize curled eyelashes. With a two-toned lipstick, you can show a natural,
moist lip with your own lip colour showing through.

Sunny’s Picks:

  1. HeyNature Moist Tightening BB Cream
  2. HeyNature All-in-One 8 Colour Shadow Palette in
    Office Girl – 1.2 g x 8 – 36,000 won
  3. HeyNature Dual Lipstick #1 Passion White – 0.8 g
    – 15,000 won
  4. HeyNature HeyPop Waterproof Liner #1 Natural
    Black – 0.5 g – 7,200 won


“On a special day, I tend to emphasize the eye line. I don’t
draw in the whole thing, but by creating a slight wing, it gives a differently
coloured feel.”

For beach makeup, if you use a lot of colour, it can easily become
overwhelming. Times like this, the easiest method is to use a colour liner. Of
those, attempt a navy colour liner that best suits with the blue reflected in
swimming pools. If you apply a stick type pearl shadow on the eyelid line, you
can have light on your eyes every time you blink. Don’t forget the final touch
with a coral colour blush, which gives you a glow as if you’ve been slightly
touched by the sunlight.

Sunny’s Picks:

  1. HeyNature Nude Brightening Powder Pact – 9.5 g –
    20,000 won
  2. HeyNature Glam Brightening Blusher – 10.5 g –
    22,000 won
  3. HeyNature HeyPop Waterproof Gel Eyeliner #3 Navy
    Blue – 0.5 g – 7,200 won
  4. HeyNature Crayon Shadow #2 White Angel – 1.4 g –
    7,800 won


“Natural makeup suits me the best. If I wear a lot of makeup
for stage, it’s awkward as if it’s not me. Even though it has been a long time
since debut! Of the various looks, the makeup I like the most is this look.”

Way to use the exotic sunlight 200%. After evening out the
skin tone softly with powder, bring the colour out of both cheeks with a pink
blush. After that, apply highlighter to forehead, nose bridge, cupid’s bow and
chin, where light touches you first, and then shade your face line to create
the effect of a smaller face. This is the tip to take confident selfies, even
under the shining sun of the vacation destination.

Sunny’s Picks:

  1. HeyNature Brightening Rouge Powder – 8 g – 32,000
  2. HeyNature Nude Brightening Blusher – 10.5 g –
    22,000 won
  3. HeyNature Illuminate Highlight and Shading #1
    Ivory/Tan – 5.5 g – 11,000 won


“Normally, I tend to go around barefaced. I just apply
sunscreen with a sun BB. But at the beach, you need to take selfies so some kind
of makeup is necessary. But I don’t wear a lot of makeup. Lip point is enough.”

At the pool, where light reflection is amplified, you need
to frequently apply sunscreen. A cushion pact with coverage is perfect. To
this, emphasize eye makeup with a brown colour eyeliner, as if it was drawn on
by sunlight. Finish off with a natural two-tone lipstick to bring colour to
your lips.

  1. HeyNature
    Dual Lipstick #2 Red Velvet – 0.8 g – 15,000 won
  2. HeyNature HeyPop Cooling Cushion SunBB – 13 g –
    22,000 won
  3. HeyNature HeyPop Waterproof Gel Eyeliner #2
    Natural Brown – 0.5 g – 7,200
  4. HeyNature All-in-One 8 Shadow Palette #308 Urban
    Lady – 1.2 g x 8 – 36,000 won

Scans by DiamondKyu515