Member whose head is closest to the sky when the 8 SNSD members stand in a line. She says it hasn’t been that long since she properly learned English, but she’s a smarty who interviews in elegant English without translation. A woman evident of having grown up loved in a peaceful household. This summer, Sooyoung played a public servant who collects taxes on the OCN drama <38 Police Squad>. With the representative girl group name of SNSD on the line, she played the role of a public servant with overflowing passion, and as a singer with 10 years of experience, she breathlessly built her career. Now it’s time to breathe. She’s working hard and concerned about changing her attitude toward work and life, as she heads toward her late 20s. Keeping in mind the words of her older sister who says, “When I was your age, I was exactly like that”.

W KOREA: Most memorable thing about this year?

When I held a bazaar for my birthday. With the goal of donating to the Korean Fighting Blindness Organization, I created a T-shirt with designer Song Jain. I will never forget the expressions of the people who were waiting in line that day. Their expressions that came with kind hearts to help out at something I’m passionate about, more so than coming to see me. I was touched and that will remain for a long time.

W KOREA: If you were to compliment yourself for this year, what do you want to compliment yourself for?

That I wasn’t impatient. Normally, it’s unfamiliar for me to spend time doing nothing so my personality is to do something. Fascinatingly, as soon as the sun rose on my 27th year, I had thoughts of needing to do this and that so I needed mind control. These days when I was extra time, I study and I like to think of it as time that I can grow internally.

W KOREA: Did you try to find a new hobby?

I have a new interest in exercise. These days, I’ve been swimming a bit. The last time I did it was a month ago. I only used to do breathing exercises. When I told people I was exercising, they say “You?” and are surprised.

W KOREA: For tours, you must visit many cities overseas. What do you think is special about Seoul?

Seoul is a lively city where both fashion and beauty industries are well developed. Sometimes, I’m surprised by things that exist. Rather than promoting change, I think it’s also important to remain as is. I like places like Insadong where the olden atmosphere is maintained. In Seoul, everything changes quickly and you can feel the attitude of trying to discover something new. Truthfully, I’m like that too. So conversely, whatever I do, I try to do one thing consistently.

W KOREA: As a SNSD member who has already established a flourishing career, is there anything more that you want?

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have greed. Even if I have greed but it doesn’t happen for me, I hope that I will be okay. I think a person always needs to have something to look toward.

Scan Source: GGPM