“Sooyoung’s LA Travelogue”

Sooyoung left for LA, the city she loves most. In California, her bright and lovely energy shined brighter than ever.


Under the palm tree in Echo Park she captured memories with a camera.


Zoom~ Sooyoung is imitating an airplane with a cute pose in Venice Beach.


Cosplaying a traveler on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.


Excitement of travel grows the moment your body boards the airplane.


COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: You finally came to LA! We heard LA is a special city to Sooyoung?

It’s my favourite city! Last February, after a business trip to New York, I came over to LA alone. It was the first time I was traveling without any plans, so it’s even more memorable. I would chat with friends until 4~5 in the morning, wake up around 3 in the afternoon, would roll around and move slowly, I enjoyed it as I pleased. I didn’t have any schedules, or anything to do. That time, I think I was able to enjoy traveling freely for the first time. 5~6 years ago, I did family travel with my mom and dad. Other than that, I mostly traveled with members or friends. When I come with friends, even if it’s a bit far, we go out to find delicious restaurants or go to clubs. It’s fun to walk around freely at night.

COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: What aspects of LA do you find charming?

I think a huge advantage of LA is pretty beaches like Long Beach, Santa Monica and Malibu. For example, a city like New York is charming as well, but it feels a bit stuffy? If it feels busy and like you’re being chased, LA feels relaxed, even if it’s only because it has the ocean. Personality-wise, if I don’t spend a meaningful day, I feel anxious and uneasy.  It’s a type of compulsion, but I don’t like feeling I’ve wasted a day. But when I come to LA, I can feel that side of me disappearing a lot. I can do ‘whatever happens’, which I can’t normally do. In Seoul, I can’t tolerate myself being lazy without doing anything. Thoughts like ‘Should I go to the skin clinic?’ or ‘I need to go learn English’ never end. It rained this time, but California’s special weather where it’s sunny all year around is also another advantage of LA!

COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: Then even after your drama ended, you didn’t rest and you’ve been busy?

That’s right. I learned English and swimming. I started swimming especially because it seemed like it would help for other exercises, but my skills haven’t improved that much yet. I will work hard until the day that I can do it well.

COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: We like actress Choi Sooyoung, but fans always miss ‘SNSD Sooyoung’. When can we see the whole group?

Probably next year? Next year is 10 year anniversary of our debut. We want to create something meaningful well and show it to everyone. Before, if we did music that we were given no matter what, now we need time to do music that suits us and that we want. That’s why we are sorry to our fans, that we make them wait so long. I would like you to know that it’s time dedicated to choosing the best. We talk to each other a lot, monitor each other’s
individual activities and we are trying hard to draw out our best qualities.

COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: I can’t believe next year is already 10 years since your debut!

That’s what I’m saying. 10 years ago, I couldn’t even imagine what I would be like now. When I look back on the past 10 years, I’ve been fulfilling things I’ve wanted to do little by little. When I think, ‘I’m promoting in so many aspects!’, it still feels like a dream. 10 years ago, if I imagined my future self, would I have been able to sense that I would have a leading role in a drama? I have thoughts like that and I am able to have a grateful heart every day.

COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: Have you ever imagined what you’ll be like 10 years from now?

When we were asked questions like this 10 years ago, I remember responding, “We would like to still be Girls’ Generation”. If the situation allows, 10 years from now, I hope I will be able to say ‘Ah, I can’t believe I’ve become like this’ in admiration. Much like how I’m spending day by day happily these days with thoughts like that. Before I thought, ‘I’m going to expand into the world stage!’. But now our domestic market itself has become global, so even by working hard at home, I was able to make big dreams come true.

COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: In the last 10 years, there must have been a lot of hard times. Who did you rely on the most during those times?

Without even thinking about it twice, it’s the members! They understand my work the best, and I can understand them the most. When I speak seriously to any of the members, it’s always sincere. If a member says something for me, as expected, their heart will be the same as mine.

COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: Ah, that’s such a model answer. Honestly, is there any competitiveness between
members? Really?

No, there definitely isn’t. Since before our debut, we’ve built trust so there’s no intention to be competitive among ourselves. We practiced for 7~8 years while encouraging and fostering each other. We worked hard, helped each other, received help and grew together, and it’s the same even now.

COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: You’ve become even lovelier and more womanly recently, and dating must have some influence? It has been a while already but you continue to look good together. You’re always very consistent at everything, Sooyoung!

Is that right? Haha. I think I’m receiving good influence from dating comfortably. As human relationship expands, I’ve come to understand various emotions, and the depth of those emotions have been a big help when it comes to understanding scripts as an actress.

COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: These days, Sooyoung is rising as a ‘fashion icon’. When you’re styling, what areas do you pay special attention to?

Really? I don’t know that yet. Haha. Is it because my airport fashion image is strong? I do like clothes! The item I enjoy and seek out these days, mmm… Since it’s getting colder, knits and socks stand out to me. I like matching a knit with a feminine design with a loafer and socks.

COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: The short hair you showed off last year was a divine move. This time it’s a choppy bang. It’s difficult to pull off, but it suits you well.

For the photoshoot, I tried the choppy bang and I like it! But I think this style has a limit so I don’t think I can keep it continuously. These days, I want to grow my hair out. Of course, I can always transform with a wig, so it’s okay to try this and that. These days, as I keep getting older, it’s true that I like
things that are classic and natural.

COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: When you say ‘Sooyoung’, a lot of people think of a bright energy. A person can’t always be bright and overflowing with energy, but where does Sooyoung’s positive energy come from?

I wonder. There are times when my heart keeps changing several times in one day. Sometimes, it’s exhausting to desperately want something. When that happens, I pray and try to comfort my heart. Religious belief is a big help. Before, I tried to comfort myself through shopping, but the effect of that is really momentary. About 5 minutes or so? These days, I’m practicing mind control through exercise, and when I’m exercising, I feel like I’m becoming a better person, so it’s easy to be filled with healthy energy.

COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: You really like LA, so you were looking forward to this LA trip. What do you want to do while you’re here?

After the photo shoot., I’m sad that there’s only two days left here. Thankfully, I came here comfortably on a direct Singapore Airlines flight to LA so my condition is really good. Now I will start to properly go out and play. I want to go to the ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ that opened recently at Universal Studios. I’m also thinking of going to West Hollywood and the nearby Rodeo Drive. Exploring while shooting, Abbot Kinney, the hippest spot in LA these days, is really charming and pretty. Art District, which evokes Brooklyn, is cool too. LA is a place overflowing with personality, so I don’t think you can ever bore of it.

Original Article: Cosmopolitan Korea