[TRANS] SNSD Acceptance Speeches at #SIA2016

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Yoona: First of all, we are in a good mood because SIA gave us such a great award and thank you so much for your continuing love. And especially for us, we made a lot of good memories last year on OnStyle through a program called “Channel SNSD”. Kim Jiyoong CP, PDs, Eunkyung writer, I want to say thank you. 

Sooyoung: This year is SNSD’s 10th year since debut. As a 10-year girl group, thank you so much for continuing to taking care of us and inviting us to award shows. Especially this year, because it’s the 10th year, we want to thank our fans. Apart from simply cheering us on and liking us, they are our reliable assistants, big managers and guardians. They watch over us so dependably so we want to say thank you. We also want to say you created the last 10 years for us and going forward, you will make the next 10 years for us. Thank you so much to our families and Lee Sooman teacher, SM Entertainment family and staff who always work hard behind the stage for us. We will work hard going forward. Thank you.

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Tiffany: We are so happy to be attending today. We want to
thank fans who voted together on SNS and cheered on SNSD for this award. Thank
you so much, SONE! Thank you. What about the rest of the members? Do you want
to say thank you?

Seohyun: Yes. For the first time in a while, we gathered
together as a group. Thank you so, so much for giving us this great award and
later we will take the stage, so please look forward to it. Thank you, fans!