If I’m going to drunkenly (?) tell a story
There are many stories
But this is the story I want to bring out now

No matter what anyone says
Rascals that I’ve spent a lot of time with, giving all my heart
More than anyone, I wish with my whole heart, for these rascals’ happiness and health in the future.

The reason why I was careful and stingy with my expressions toward these friends in an open space was probably because
They were my first piece of work,
I had a heart for them like they were my daughters,
And they were younger sisters that I love.
So there really are no proper selfies or a photo that I took together with these rascals.
(So before I’d put up photos of hands or feet.)
Of the photos there aren’t many of,
I remember this photo as the last photo we all took together.

Now it’s only a memory,
But as one person who remembers these rascals’ real laughter,
I wish and will cheer them on to create meaningful lives that are always happy and full of laughter.
Rascals! I hope your bodies and hearts won’t be hurt!

#TaengooFartButtHole (meant endearingly)