“Seohyun, Who Still Has a Lot She Wants to Learn”

“I want to research passionately and learning is enjoyable.”

Seohyun was overflowing with energy.

Seohyun is SNSD’s maknae. This image will not be easy to erase. Even though her age is not forever young. She does not really mind. At the end of the day, the stereotype comes from us, and to her, she is satisfied as long as she’s devoted to her own role.

“There are people who still think I’m a high school student. Haha. Even though it has been almost 10 years since my debut. The nice and upright maknae image is strong, so there are people who say I won’t be able to do kissing scenes. Truthfully, the reason why I’m looking forward to this
editorial is because I think I can show a side of me that I haven’t been able to show before. You know the feeling that a person in their mid to late 20s can show. It’s time for me to do things like that now.”

It’s a lie to say it doesn’t feel burdensome. To accept it and overcome it, it seemed like she was steadily trying hard.

“I hope it flows by naturally. It would be funny for me to suddenly declare ‘I’m a woman now!’. If I was a girl, then a woman, then a lady…. I hope people comfortably perceive me as ‘There are various sides to SNSD Seohyun, actress Seohyun, or human Seo Juhyun’.”

Human Seo Juhyun. That’s right, what we’re curious about is truthfully the side of human Seo Juhyun.

“There are instances where people misunderstand me as an incredibly quiet person. The side of me exposed in the media is like that. But truthfully, I’m a very active person. Once people get to know me, they are all surprised. For the role in ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’, I learned horseback riding and knife dancing and both really suited my aptitude well. Knife dance was completely different from any dance I’ve learned so far, so it was new. I want to continue horseback riding. The feeling of sympathizing with a horse is incredible and it has a big effect for exercise. More than anything, it’s fun. I really like exercise. I meet with friends often. I enjoy going for drives.”

Even though she was bruised all over while learning the knife dance, and the first horse she rode galloped off, she said she overcame these crises calmly. She told the stories while laughing but she said it was a situation dangerous enough to stop doing both activities. What pulls her in such an optimistic direction?

“There are so many things I want to learn. It could be that I like new challenges, or that I have a lot of curiosity. When I act, I don’t simply get immersed in emotion but I tend to study and gain knowledge of the environment. I approached the role of Woohee in ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ like that. Instead of trying to become a different person, I tend to try to understand the character’s feelings and situation. Woohee is the last princess of the late Baekje period. She goes undercover as a gisaeng to assassinate the Taejo of Goreyo. She’s a character with a lot of resentment, so to understand and express that resentment, I need to know its source. I didn’t only practice with the script, but I researched and studied the history of the time and the political relations.”

Serious exploration is her driving force. Because of this attitude, we look even more forward to her future than now. Undoubtedly, as she gains more knowledge and experience, her acting as well as any other activity will emit energy, as if it’s exploding.

“I started acting with musicals and as a drama actress, I’m no different from a rookie. I know that I’m still lacking in many aspects so that makes me work even harder. If I learned how to express my emotions and movements through musicals, I’m learning how to express with restraint and delicacy through the drama.”

When she’s talking about her work, she speaks carefully and word by word. She’s a completely different person from when she’s talking about
wanting to learn how to swim again or that she has found new interest in scuba diving, aside from horseback riding. From a girl who is playful from moment to moment, her gaze changes to that of a serious career woman. It’s her very personal taste but every time, a sense of bliss envelops her body. It’s a similar context to how women find men who are passionate about their work sexy.

“I want to act in a way that delivers honesty. The role of an actor is to make you believe something that’s not real in the moment as real.”

As soon as we wrap up the serious stories, she came back to talking about her friends. Her friends have graduated and are at the age where
they start working and have a lot of concerns; she went to a club with them but it wasn’t interesting; normally, she has a small pajama party with a few
friends at home or in a hotel room and so on and so on; she is no different from any other woman in her mid 20s. As soon as the interview ended, Seohyun suddenly has a round of raucous laughter.

“It was fun. I feel like I properly had a conversation, instead of an interview. I didn’t chat too much, did I?”

She knows how to be overly chatty like this. Truthfully, before we met her, we imagined an upright, prim and quiet Seohyun and were slightly nervous. Preconceptions only breed endless misunderstandings. Hoping that a person will never change is just fantasy. We are letting go of ‘maknae Seohyun’.

Scan Source: SeoJuhyun.Net