From member of past girl group Fin.K.L to now holding the
position of ‘trusted and watched’ musical actress, Ock Juhyun has left a
message of encouragement for SNSD Seohyun, who is current rising on the musical

In an interview that took place in the afternoon of the 8th
at the Seoul Junggu Shilla Hotel, Ock Juhyun wanted to tell Seohyun, who is a
girl group hoobae and currently attempting the stage in the musical ‘Mamma Mia’
that “It’s good to see you charge toward the stage and I want to keep cheering
you on”.

Currently, Seohyun is taking steps as a musical actress
in the role of daughter Sophie in ‘Mamma Mia’. Seohyun, who is continuously knocking
on the door of musicals once or twice a year, confessed through a past
interview that, “I’ve never missed a performance of Ock Juhyun unnie and I’ve
watched them all. As I watched Ock Juhyun unnie, I grew my dream of being a
musical actress and I want to become an actress like Ock Juhyun unnie, who you
watch trusting her”.

Ock Juhyun who has heard the same messages from Seohyun
said, “Truthfully, Seohyun is a hoobae who asks for lessons when she has the
chance. As an actress, Seohyun is a friend who restlessly tries hard to build
her knowledge so I’m cheering her on” and showed a deep affection toward

“The cute thing about that friend is, I went to go
see Seohyun star in ‘Gone with the Wind’” and “When I returned home, Seohyun
had sent a message that said ‘How was I?’. I’m like that and Seohyun is like
that, she’s a friend overflowing with passion” so “As soon as I received the
message, I went to Seohyun’s house. And in her room, I shared know-hows of
musicals that I had gained over time through stage experience” and revealed the
special tutoring lesson that happened in Seohyun’s room.

She continued, “There was something that surprised me about
Seohyun, at her house, there is a box that is soundproof. It’s a box you can
sing in and it seemed like she sang in there night and day” and shared her joyful
heart saying “I was really proud of her”.

Ock Juhyun spoke of another story involving Seohyun. Ock Juhyun’s green witch photo that was taken
during the press calls for the musical ‘Wicked’ was stuck on the mirror in
Seohyun’s room, and on top of her own face, Seohyun’s face was Photoshopped
onto it. Ock Juhyun explained, “She said it was Photoshopped to make herself
the white witch. She told me, ‘To me, unnie is my dream’ and she looked at me
and said ‘I’m dreaming of the day I stand on stage with unnie’, and seeing her
like that, she was loveable and I was proud… that might be why but I think I
should watch over her even more” and smiled big. 

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