Jessica’s Post:

Happy Children’s Day 💕

Here’s a small gift :
One of my handwritten drafts of the Golden Sky lyrics (btw, I physically hand wrote nearly the entire album jacket, hope you’ll like it! 🤗). Took some time but it was sooooo worth it. ❤️ #goldensky #SicaSpoiler 😎

Translated lyrics:
When it gets dark
Become the light
And look over me
Like fireflies

With tears, if my eyes
Become hazy
Like magic, you
Embrace me

When I collapsed from exhaustion
You pulled me up when I was down
That love is overflowing
Become a golden sky in the universe
Oh, like a shining star

Today today today
I’ll be thanking you, I’ll always be beside you
Every minute second forever
Let’s walk together until the end of time

Your love is strong
Wake me up
With time, we
Became one

You’ll never know
My heart
I’ll tell you now
You’re my golden sky

My golden sky… Shining stars…

Source: Jessica’s Instagram