Name: Jung Sooyeon

Student Number: 8904181024

1. Your favourite Blanc & Eclare line? 

  • ✓ Sunglasses
  •  Scarves
  • Denim
  • Ready to Wear
  • Cosmetic

2. Of fruit flavored soju, which suits your tastebuds the best? 

  • Grapefruit
  • Yuzu
  • Blueberry
  • Peach
  • ✓ Just soju

3. What mobile app do you use the most?

  • KakaoTalk
  • Safari
  • ✓ Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Other

4. Which do you prefer out of these two?

  • ✓ Al dente noodles vs. Cooked noodles
  •  Hard-boiled rice vs. x ✓ Soft-boiled rice
  • ✓ Chamisul vs. Chum Churum (brands of soju)
  • ✓ Cola vs. Cider (in Korea, “cider” refers to drinks similar to Sprite)
  • ✓ Americano vs. Latte
  • Ssaltteok (rice cake) vs. ✓ Miltteok (flour cake)
  • ✓ Chicken leg vs. Chicken wing
  • Prague vs. ✓ London (Accidentally chose Prague first, crossed it out and wrote “I lied…”)
  • ✓ Teleportation vs. Invisibility
  • ✓ Superman vs. Batman
  • Cream pasta vs. ✓ Tomato pasta
  • Shake Shack burger vs. ✓ In-N-Out burger
  • Desire to sleep vs. ✓ Desire to eat
  • Sauced fried chicken vs. ✓ Fried chicken
  • Call vs. ✓ Text

5. Of the following abilities, if you could have one, which one would you choose?

  • Bob Ross-level drawing ability
  • Same proportions as now but 173 cm height
  • ✓ Appearance that makes a good first impression on anyone you meet
  • Stamina that can withstand 3 days without sleeping
  • Fluent conversationalist that can persuade anyone

6. One day you open your eyes and if you were to become one of these people? (You will experience the situation they’re in.)

  • <Titanic>’s Rose
  • <Mad Max>’s Furiosa
  • <Mr. & Mrs. Smith>’s Jane
  • <Black Swan>’s Nina
  • ✓ <A Moment to Remember>’s Sujin

7. If you went to the movies and these movies were playing, which one would you watch?

  • Roman Holiday
  • Harry Potter
  • Begin Again
  • Toy Story
  • ✓ Devil Wears Prada

8. What completes fashion? 

  • Face
  • Figure
  • ✓ Sense you’re born with
  • Face + Figure + Sense
  • Me

9. After attempting, which hairstyle gave you the biggest sense of satisfaction? 

(Refer to photos – Jessica chose “Genie” era hairstyle)

10. When you see fans who are still students, what thoughts come to mind?

  • Wow, really? I can’t believe it
  • They’re my fans but I’m a bit envious
  • ✓ I’m still okay, I have swagger
  • I want to treat them even better
  • They are one of many fans, I don’t think differently of them

11. When you see fans who like you for your body, what thoughts come to mind?

  • ✓ Even when I see it, it’s good (Jessica wrote: Kekeke… I want to hide.)
  • It’s a compliment so it puts me in a good mood
  • Honestly, it’s a bit uncomfortable
  • I want to report them
  • I don’t think anything

12. In what moments do you want to see your fans the most? 

  • When I’m laying down to sleep
  • ✓ When I’m showing off something new
  • When I see a negative comment
  • ✓ There are moments when they come to mind, without any reason (Jessica wrote: Both… Can I choose both…?)
  • Always

13. If you were to give a score on your life so far?

  • 0-20 points
  • 20-40 points
  • 40-60 points
  • 60-80 points
  • ✓ 80-100 points

14. Write the meanings of the following slang words. (Jessica wrote: Really… I don’t know it… Not even one… T_T)

  • ㅇㄱㄹㅇ: This is real
  • ㅂㅂㅂㄱ: Bi bi bick go
  • 핑프: Pink peu…….?
  • 복세편살: ..
  • 연서복: Name of a Chinese restaurant
  • 팬아저: Not a fan, me…
  • 취촌: Good even if you’re drunk
  • 덕계못: Duk.. gae… mot…?
  • 성덕: Dirty personality
  • 머글: Regular person

15. Write the names of the Korean TV programs you’ve watched recently in the last month. 

BeauBa (Beauty Bible)

TaeHu (Descendants of the Sun)

Remember (Remember: War of the Sun)

16. When you wash up, in what order do you brush your teeth, wash your face, hair and body?

Ah… shower…?

Hair – face – body – brush teeth – hair

I use a treatment or hair pack, and then wash my face, body and brush my teeth.

17. The content of the box are from interviews that Jessica has done in the past. Look at the question and guess how you answered in the past, and write how you would respond now. 

A) August 2011, GQ Japan

Q: What compliment makes you happy?

A: I’m happy if I hear “__________”.

B) March 2008, ALICE & PAUL

Q: If you were to describe yourself in 5 letters?

A: ___________

A) Past: “Your voice is pretty…?”

Now: “You’re the same… You haven’t changed…?” Genuine… kekeke.

B) Past: “Hard on the outside, soft on the inside”

Now: “Same, even now” Because… I’m… Steadfast… kekeke.

18. Write an acrostic poem using Jessica or Jung Sooyeon. 

Jung (jungmal): Really, I’m…

Soo (Sooyeonie): Born as Sooyeonie and met everyone

Yeon: zzz Like it~
Was that cheating… -_-;;;

(Note: It should be “Really, I like that I was born as Sooyeonie and met everyone~” but the sentence structure in Korean is very different from English, hence the confusing translation.)

19. Write about one incident concerning the album that you want to share with fans.

I know… everyone… dislikes it… when I tan… but this time, I couldn’t do anything… From the first day of music video shoot, all of the sunlight in the world… I received it… Despite that… I think it came out prettily and well… Stop making fun of me… I’m insisting to the stylist that I’m wearing long sleeves and long pants every day… I’m whining… Because. Of. You. Guys.

(She wrote words and then scribbled them out.) – Are you curious?

As I was writing lyrics, and… recording…
And… When I listened to the song for the first time…
I almost cried alone… At night, I teared up a little… Hehe…
It’s just… Like this…

20. Write ‘I Love You’ in as many languages as you know. (Not allowed to search.) – Gosh…

(See photos for Jessica’s answers.)