We feel like we’re seeing you for the first time in a while, we’re curious what you’ve been doing during this time.
There is a dance program that I will appear on soon so I’ve been spending my time practicing. I have danced before on <Dancing with the Stars Season 2> and <Dancing 9>, but this time, I am personally doing the stage direction. During all of my past performances, I’ve watched a lot of other people’s dances. I use that as experience and with my ideas, I direct the stage and do the dance. I think we will do a collaboration between dancers and celebrities. It’s not just dancing so there’s really a lot of things to be concerned about.

Your smile is so pretty. It feels like you’ve precisely caught your strengths now.
Ah, really? I’ve been promoting for a long time but there are times when I’m still awkward. In the early days after debut, I practiced smiling alone looking at a mirror and I still do that occasionally. To become even prettier? (Laughs)

While shooting today, your smiling was so pretty.
I really like the overall atmosphere of this editorial, including the background! It feels a bit like LA.

As a new beauty icon, give us a tip for 2016 summer makeup.
I like one point makeup. You can look even more put together in a short amount of time. This summer, I think it would be good if you use red lips or a coloured lip. At home these days, I have a lot of shadows but I haven’t used them all so I am attempting it at home.

Your skin looks good too, do you have any personal secrets when it comes to skin maintenance tips?
Even though it’s summer, my skin tends to be on the dry side so I apply a lot of moisture cream that works well for me. And pack! When I sleep, I always sleep with a moisture pack on.

You look a bit darker, is your skin tanned?
That’s right. Normally I tend to be on the fair side, but I do tan well. When I’m with members, I think that being fair is pretty but when I’m alone, I think it’s better to be a bit tan.

What are Hyoyeon’s must-have items this summer?
My favourite items are jeans. You know the ones you wore in elementary school, like overall pants. I like ones like that. If you wear a white or coloured cap backwards, it’s pretty too. Should I say it feels a bit like streetwear? Even if you just wear a T-shirt with shorts, it’s naturally pretty as if you did or didn’t adorn yourself.

These days when we look at Hyoyeon, we can automatically feel that you’re thinking about inner beauty too.
Not everything can be exactly like my heart. I think there were a lot of times when I held back. In the beginning, my thoughts were negative so I received a lot of stress. When I did that, my body hurt so I tried hard to think as positively as possible. After I did that, everything naturally worked out. You can only have good thoughts when you discipline your inner side.

If you were to tell us one method for fostering inner beauty, what would it be?
I create a lot of hobbies for myself. I relieve stress through exercise and meet new people.

Your short blonde hair became a hot topic. Is there a reason why you attempted a drastic transformation?
I discussed it with the director in charge of hair and then cut it. After I cut it, the reaction was good. The one thing that’s regrettable is when I’m dancing. Truthfully, when I dance, there is a certain charm for long hair, but after I cut it, I’ve heard that I look like a ‘fashion person’ and I like it.

Do you have a good tip for looking pretty when you take selfies?
As natural as possible! Normally, I always try to take it as pretty as possible no matter what but now, natural appearance is the prettiest. Today, I tried to appear as natural as possible too.

Including the editor, there are a lot of people who are envious of Hyoyeon’s figure. Do you have any summer exercise methods that readers can easily follow?
Swimming is the best. It’s a good workout and it’s refreshing when it’s hot. But I don’t really go to swimming pools. (Laughs) In the summer, I play golf or I like going to wide open places. I like flowers and trees, and the colour green. Even though the sunlight is hot, being with nature puts me in the good mood and it’s cooling.

You debuted as SNSD. Were there any instances where the fantasies that the public held toward SNSD was overwhelming?
SNSD radiates light and is feminine. Even if time has passed now, I think being natural is the best. Natural that is age appropriate. Up until now, SNSD’s concepts were all different, and there are charms that stand out according to your age. Right now, I think the public loves feminine SNSD. There’s a reason why we liked today’s editorial concept. Out of the members, my image is always strong and powerful. So I’ve wanted to show a girl-like appearance when I was alone and I think we were able to do that today.

I’m touched. We’ll work even harder.
It’s for real.

Then, what does ‘girl’ mean to you?
To me, it means what you find in the dictionary. (Laughs) It’s a woman who is not married. So I am a girl.

Then how many days do you think are left until you escape being a girl?
Mmm. I keep thinking there aren’t many days left, so I want to do things that suit my current age. I wear suits occasionally, but regularly, I try to dress even more casual. You know how there are things I can’t wear later when I’m older.

Recently, we’ve been hearing regrettable news from 2nd generation girl groups. We’re curious how your heart feels, as someone who is also in a girl group.
It’s sad. I feel all sad. There are things you want to see only from that specific group. There are a lot of rookies right now and there are times when people reminisce about us but it makes me sad. I hope everyone does well.

SNSD, a group with longevity, what is your secret?
It’s teamwork. If there was a friend who was fussy, we wouldn’t have been able to make it here.

With SNSD, you achieved a lot of things. Are there more things you want to achieve with the group?
When we were asked this question before, we spoke of various concepts. But now we’ve tried everything. I think that rather than doing active group promotions like before, it’s good to create a standout image while doing individual activities. And then we’ll group occasionally and release an album. Like Shinhwa sunbaenims. I want us to take the longevity title until the end. Even if we don’t continuously do group activities, I want us to be ‘SNSD’ when we come together.

This summer is also a war of the girl groups. As SNSD, I feel like your bodies will be itching.
I do have the itch. But if I think realistically, promoting in the summer is too hot. (Laughs) It looks very pretty on TV but in the summer, it will be hot for everyone. I do have thoughts of wanting to promote… But the #1 thought is that it will be hot, not that it will be fun. (Laughs)

Recently, Tiffany said “SNSD Hyoyeon is passing off being in charge of dance”. Is it true?
There’s no separate areas of responsibility, really. I was so surprised after seeing Tiffany. I know Tiffany’s dance skills from the early days of debut. I saw her practice video and I got goosebumps. She’s so good.

Truthfully, Tiffany’s dance skills didn’t radiate light within the group…
She didn’t stand out. But I can see with my eyes how much effort she put in recently. I complimented her without holding back.

Even so, if you say SNSD dance, it’s Hyoyeon.
Right. (Laughs)

Do SNSD members gather often?
For everyone to get together, it’s not easy if it isn’t during group promotions. We have overseas schedules. Thankfully, our birthdays are relatively apart so we try hard to gather on those days. In May, we got together for Sunny and Yoona’s birthday party and to talk. If not, we meet separately when we have time.

When you get together, what do you talk about?
We mostly eat food and chat. When we haven’t seen each other in a while, we have lots to say, and if we see each other every day, we have lots to say. Regardless, we really talk a lot.

Is there a member that matches well with Hyoyeon in particular?
It’s all different. When we’re playing or drinking alcohol, Yuri and Tiffany. When shopping, Sooyoung. On days when I want to be at home, Taeyeon. It’s different for each person. With Seohyun, I talk a lot about concerns or inner thoughts.

You said you’re going to go meet Seohyun when the interview ends. Will you tell her your inner thoughts today too?
I have a feeling that I’m going to be listening today.

Recently, you filmed a Chinese variety <Star Advent> with Sunny and Leeteuk. What’s Chinese variety like?
The variety was about dealing with Chinese culture so I learned a lot of new things. It was fun. I thought it was really good that I had learned Chinese. Even now, I study Chinese five times a week. I try to do it consistently. But I only do about 10 minutes. (Laughs) I was so nervous when we were filming. I thought ‘Will my Chinese skills have decreased?’. Words didn’t come out right away, but thankfully, I was able to hear it. I think Chinese activities are good because it makes me realize the importance of studying languages.

If there are any differences from China to Korea, what is it?
The biggest difference is that in China, you have to do your work yourself. For example, in Korea, if someone is trying to take our photo, managers block them for us. In China, I have to say it myself. I’m careful about what photo I upload on Weibo. China is sensitive when it comes to image rights so I’m careful about product placements too. As long as you can speak the language, I think that you can always exchange jokes wherever you are.

Truthfully, we really like Hyoyeon’s off-the-wall entertainment sense. Do you have any thoughts about attempting varieties more proactively?
I don’t know if I’m doing well at speaking. So that’s my concern. My weirdness comes out when I’m with members, but if it keeps coming out my image… That’s why I go on varieties occasionally. (Laughs)

You’ve gotten 1st place at a ski competition and you’re also good at DJing. What’s something you’ve wanted to learn recently?
I have my scuba diving license but I’ve never properly done it overseas. The underwater scenery is unimaginably beautiful, so I want to do it properly.

Do you have any desires to do a solo album?
I do. I don’t have immediate plans but I’m mapping out ideas.

We saw Vasco’s <Whoa Ha!> music video and WE think it would suit you well to work with a rapper.
That was filmed in a hurry. Real hurry! I filmed it while passing by. If I’m given a good opportunity, I would like to work with other musicians on my solo album.

It’s summer. Do you have vacation plans?
Normally you go to summer countries in the winter. I think this summer will be spent in Korea, practicing for my activities.

Summer or winter, which one do you like more?
I don’t know. I feel like I like winter more, but I like summer because the days are long.

Do you have any thoughts about wanting to be in love?
If there is a good person, I’d like to be. But my body is really itching these days. More so than dating, I’d rather go to a dance school and I want to feel passion with other people. I want to see myself dance passionately in front of a mirror.

It’s already the 10th year since your debut. When you look back on your life in the entertainment world, when were you happiest, and conversely, when was the most difficult?
I was happy for all of it but what I remember most is when we were all busy together. If I were to go back in time, I’d be annoyed and I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but there was a time when we were #1 for 9 consecutive weeks and a lot of people loved us. I think I was happiest then. It was difficult when I couldn’t enjoy the schedules. There was no time to relax in my heart so it felt like work which made it difficult.

There’s a huge fence called SM. Even so, were there any difficult aspects of living in the entertainment world?
Mmm. Before, the members were there so we could divide the roles. Eight people sing one song together. I think the difficulties will start now. I need to draw an image of myself by myself. I’m thinking about how to do it without consuming too much of my image, and how I can show the artist side of me in a wise way. Right now is a time when I have a lot of concerns and thoughts.

Other than your members, who are your best friends in the entertainment world?
I can’t exclude the members. If I have to name a best friend, it’s Miss A’s Min. I’m not able to see him these days but there’s also actor Lee Jongsuk. My criteria for a best friend is someone I’ve known for a long time. I call people best friends once I’ve known them for over 10 years. There are times when I don’t see these people in over a year but whenever I see them, it feels like I saw them only yesterday.

What’s a dream that you want to achieve this year?
There is a dance program that I’ll show off soon. Definitely the things that I’ve watched and experienced cannot be ignored. I’ve never concretely studied things like stage lighting but I’m looking forward to directing a stage based on my experiences. Also, I want to create opportunities to make Hyoyeon’s various charms known through a solo album or collaborations. I hope everyone likes and loves it a lot.

We hope this editorial and interview helps you.
I hope so too!

Huge thanks to @chicagosone for providing the scans! 🙂