Women We Love: New World Hyoyeon Has Met

10 years spent as SNSD,
World Hyoyeon experienced,
World she will meet going forward.

The moment a celebrity enters a shoot location, the atmosphere for that day is determined. The first moment that a celebrity walks in shows what their normal personality is, what their current mood is like, how the shoot today will go in a condensed way.

Hyoyeon’s entrance was perfect. She arrived not 1 minute late. As soon as we greeted her, she responded, “Hello, I’m Hyoyeon”. This greeting was amusing. Normally, they don’t introduce themselves like “I’m Chanyong”. She has lived 10 years as a pro entertainer known as ‘SNSD Hyoyeon’, a name derived from her own name. That truth is carved into her greeting.

Hyoyeon kept shooting something using a machine that was like a selfie stick. She said it was video footage that would go into Hyoyeon’s reality show <Hyoyeon’s Ten Million Likes>. “We did <Hyoyeon’s Million Likes> last year and between Korea and China, it received 3-6 million views. So this year, we gave it too big a name of ’Ten Million’”. She spoke up to here and laughed. With Hyoyeon’s unique sexy low voice, Hyoyeon had a talent for creating a friendly atmosphere as she mixed in jokes and laughs into the conversation.

Hyoyeon continued her story. “There are more episodes and the broadcast time has lengthened. I am showing my real life story this time too. There is always a camera in my hands. Sometimes after my schedules, I bring it along when I go to drink a glass of beer with friends and film it. PD-nims knows how to edit it well. I film almost everywhere I go, so my real self is shown.”

People who are not shy have a fresh feeling about them like a T-shirt dried in sunshine. Hyoyeon had this. “If I dance wearing heels, my feet hurt. It’s toughest when filming music videos. On stage, it ends after about 3 minutes and 30 seconds so you can take it off right away, but you film several cuts in a music video. When we film, we say ‘Let’s film this and toss it away’. Because it hurts so much.” Even after saying this, she made polite sounds of laughing that sounded like ‘hehehehehe’.  A cute sound of laughter that is both honest and sheepish. Speaking with Hyoyeon is a repeating a cycle that puts you in a good mood.

There are variety of things she does to make others laugh. Making others laugh is also a skill, there are people who show an explosive side of themselves, or there are people create the atmosphere themselves for others because laughing together is enjoyable. Hyoyeon is the latter. Her intentions were deep. “A shoot like this is one where everyone moves, from hair, makeup to stylist, just for me. So I don’t think I should have low energy. Since everyone is meeting for the first time for this, I like making everyone laugh and putting them in a good mood. The atmosphere can change depending on how I am, so I need to lead by example, first of all.” If every celebrity could be like this, it would be nice…

Hyoyeon was humble. “This is something I felt while promoting. I think my personality is gradually changing over time. I only learned this after being active for almost 10 years. It was awkward at times.” 10 years. Weren’t there tough times? “There were. When people’s reactions weren’t the same as my thoughts. I would unveil a side of me after preparations and hard work, and I had a certain image in my head, and if that wasn’t reflected well, or if people didn’t react as much. I think those were the slumps. In the early days of SNSD, wherever we went, it was always SNSD. There was a different member who became a hot topic from time to time. Someone at debut, someone during ‘Tell Me Your Wish’. We prepared together but the member who receives the spotlight is predetermined. It could be upsetting.”

Even if we don’t know that an improved person will do well, but a person who does well is always improving.  Hyoyeon was like that too. “Whenever I was upset, I watched those friends and learned, recognizing ‘People like this side of this friend’. My mind changed. When I was in a slump, I didn’t monitor. My appearance wasn’t what I had in mind. But one day, I had the thought of ‘I can’t do anything if I keep going like this’. (Even if I don’t get the reaction I want) This is a side of me I created after working hard, so I thought I need to fix what I don’t think is right. Even if I don’t like the side of me that is being shown, I need to see it and try hard to fix it. So after working hard and it was fixed, there was a huge sense of satisfaction. And that’s how I changed gradually. I was able to enjoy it more and more. I started to really enjoy from ‘I Got a Boy’ onward.” It’s Hyoyeon’s coming-of-age drama.

Hyoyeon said she still sometimes listens to ‘Into the New World’. “It’s my favourite song. Even now, many people say that when they listen to ‘Into the New World’, they get a feeling of a new world unfolding before them. When I listen to it, it improves my mood. I think of it from time to time, so I listen to it. It reminds me of performing then too. How were we so powerful, and so bad at controlling our strength. How did we not cope with energy like that.”

Hyoyeon 10 years ago was a girl who worked hard, and couldn’t even enjoy it when she was #1 on a music program for 9 weeks. “After receiving an award, she had to go to work on the next thing, and that kept repeating.” She wanted to be a performance-centric singer, but she was a girl who hated it when her company made her wear a tennis skirt. “I couldn’t understand why they made me wear a skirt after telling me to do powerful dances”. 10 years later, she is now able to comfortably say, “When I wore a skirt, I could’ve just danced sufficiently but I don’t know why I danced so powerfully then”. Over time, Hyoyeon has become a cool woman.

That girl from 10 years ago is now a celebrity with global recognition. During the <Esquire> shoot, the short video she uploaded in real time has comments from fans all over the world. Daily life filmed herself with a camera becomes a broadcasting station’s content through <Hyoyeon’s Ten Million Likes>. Past the uncertainty and overcoming a mental slump, she has become an even bigger star. And more important than anything else, she stood on stage alone, having created music that has the colour that she wants. The powerful performance she wanted to do 10 years ago, she assesses, “It’s the picture of myself that I wanted to draw. I think I was able to express a lot of that” and she was able to make her music. A feel-good story no matter who hears it.

Over time, the type of guy she likes has changed. “Before, how they dressed was important. When we walk together, I thought I liked guys who looked cool. Now, their human-like side is most important. Personality. Their work or things like that are not important. But sense of responsibility, getting back up when they fall, traits like that are important. It’s okay if they don’t earn money now. But a person with a goal and attitude of ‘I can do it’. It can take a long time. But they can’t give up.”

There is a definite loveable side of Hyoyeon. She laughs easily, considers others’ mood, tries to be a good influence to others, is always thankful, finds joy in making others’ laugh. Hyoyeon must have been embarrassed after telling stories where she was proud of herself, because she laughed heartily several times. Of those words, there was one where she said, “People who have experienced my humane side are not able to escape it”. We think we know what she meant by those words.

Scan Source: EveryDay HyoDay