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SNSD members discuss their 10th anniversary and their individual projects.

[LYRIC TRANSLATION] SNSD – “That Summer (0805) / Sailing”

English lyric translation for SNSD’s “Sailing” written by Sooyoung for SONE.

[TRANSLATION] Sooyoung’s Post on SNSD 9th Anniversary

Sooyoung’s letter to SONE on the 9th anniversary of SNSD’s debut.

[TRANS] Seohyun Beauty Feature in Singles, May 2016 – “S.O.S. Dr. Jart” Dr. Jart+ Cicapair that quickly calms and restores tired skin. SNSD Seohyun’s translucent and clear skin secret is here. “If skin is healthy, anyone looks much prettier. The… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Tiffany Interview in Pin Prestige, April 2016 “If it’s okay, can I eat while we do the interview?” asked Tiffany Hwang, as she opened the packaging on bread. I never thought I’d see this scene in person, so I… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Sunny Interview in SURE Magazine, May 2016 – “SUNNY DAYS” Summer, Sunny and Bali. SNSD Sunny’s exotic makeup looks that contains the season ahead. “It’s okay to film in the water. I’m pretty good at swimming.” Even before the… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Taeyeon Interview in K WAVE, March 2016 The colours of Taeyeon’s solo albums seem to be a bit different from existing SNSD. After <I>, <Rain> was unexpected. What kind of songs did you think I would do? Let’s see…. Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Tiffany in Instyle, March 2016 – Tiffany Hearts Paris ‘SNSD Tiffany’ is not here. Instead, there’s only love Tiffany, who knows how to enjoy freedom and romance. A city that gifts memories even if you just walk around, happy… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Seohyun “Mamma Mia!” Article, Daum Entertainment – “Seohyun, Possesses All of the Charms… Bright · Glamourous · Beautiful Sophie” I thought her ‘Sophie’ would be gentle, innocent and cute. But in the musical ‘Mamma Mia!’, ‘SNSD’ group member Seohyun… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Hyoyeon Interview in Beauty+, April 2016 – “Hyoyeon Smiles, My Little Sunshine”  Hyoyeon, who has risen as a trendy beauty icon. Her blonde and pink two-tone hair, translucent skin and glamorous figure, overflowing with volume, are all beautiful, but the… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Hyoyeon’s final words at #TheMoment event I am now in my 10th year of activities as a girl group member. 10 years is truly meaningful but also somewhat bittersweet, and the number 10 seems small but if you say… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Taeyeon’s Instagram Post and Comments Original post: Today is the day for #SoshiBeer I received and have been cherishing since last year. 🍺  What do you mean I’m showing off…. 😂 That’s right, truthfully, I’m showing off… One can is more… Continue Reading →

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