When the 9th anniversary commemorative single was announced, and a proposal came to the members to write the lyrics, I didn’t have the courage to write.

I didn’t think the time that has passed could be explained with any words or sentences, what kind of feeling it must be to like one singer for 9 years, we felt sorry attempting to do it with such shallow understanding, so not just me, but of all of us, none of could confidently step up…

While that was happening… For the first time in my life, I was able to attend a SNSD (Tiffany’s) concert (Yay). Every year, while we had long rehearsals to show a stage with high degree of perfection, we’d joke and say, “I want to go to a SNSD concert” “Guys, do it. I’ll watch from over there”.. Hehe.

When I arrived at Tiffany’s performance venue.. I was given a pink lightstick. To shake, keke. That stick was so awkward, and I didn’t know in which direction I should shake it. Or how hard I should shake it. Or if I should continuously shake it..? Do I stop during a ballad, or when should I turned it off and on.. Hehe. It was awkward and I was curious so I quietly watched how the fans did it.

The appearance of fans that I watched from the audience.. When I’m on stage, do they look at me like that with that expression..? My appearance that was reflected in their sparkling and shining eyes, would it have been pretty enough to fill and overflow both of their eyes..? For 9 years, if I had known they had watched over me with those eyes and stood on stage, how would I have been..

That day, when I watched all of you shake the pink lightstick from near by, I started to understand your heart..  your feelings..

Ah, Tiffany, who stands on that stage, does she know that I will protect this space right here, without change..?

Sometimes, while you’re vigorously cheering us on, even if there is a painful day, you know that we’ll be happy together for even longer, a bond that you can’t let go of..

Even if we don’t speak in person, a bond where we all know each other..

Even if our hearts can’t reach… What are they doing… Whatever they’re doing, I hope they’re happy… a bond that makes you think of each other.

Sometimes, even if my passion doesn’t follow suit, a bond that makes you promise, “I will wait right here”.

Even if it’s an unrequited love, at the voice you hear from time to time, the bond that makes you happy.

If I were all of you, I would be so happy listening to my heart through the voice of my singer.

So… I started writing. The meaning of these lyrics could be the thankful heart of SNSD toward our fans, but I also tried to write the heart of all of you, and the heart by which all of you kept SNSD for 9 years. We all know^^ Your heart, your patience, your unconditional love, we know all of that… I don’t think there is a better gift than to let you know that.

In 9 years, if there was ever a day that we inflicted pain on you, we hope this is a pretty gift that can heal. Today, with your healed hearts, I hope you can be the happiest people in the world^^

On the hottest summer day in August (It was really hot today ㅜㅜ), from Sooyoung


Source: Sooyoung’s Tumblr