Yoona’s Real Appearance

Yoona, who is turning over a new leaf as an actress from as idol member, has become a model for Crocs. We asked Yoona, who is overflowing with optimistic energy, about what it means to be ‘Yoona-like’.

This year is your first attempt at acting in a historical drama through MBC’s <The King Loves>.

I’m in the role of a character named Han Eunsan with the backdrop of the Goryeo Dynasty. I’m anticipating it as it’s my first historical drama.

You must have had some fears as it’s your first attempt at a historical drama.

More so than Eunsan, who I’m playing now, the bigger challenge was <The K2>’s Anna. She was completely different from any character that I’ve acted as so far. After Anna, attempting new challenges became a lot easier. Now if I can enjoy myself, I’m not afraid of challenges.

The spectrum of your acting has been widening with the movie <Confidential Assignment>’s Park Minyoung, <The K2>’s Anna and <The King Loves>’s Eunsan. Who is real Im Yoona most similar to?

All three characters have aspects that are similar to mine but the character that was most comfortable to act was <Confidential Assignment>’s Minyoung. I was able to bring my normal tone of speaking and behavior to life a lot more.

You’re overflowing with bright and optimistic energy. You’re called ‘human vitamin’ as a result, what is your secret to maintaining positive energy?

I try to work enjoying as myself as much as possible, and when I rest, I try to be free. Whatever you do, if you have fun while you do it, you laugh more and you’ll have a positive attitude.

Is that Im Yoona’s real appearance? What are you doing to maintain your ‘Yoona-like’ side?

The side of me reflected by the public is also my appearance. Because of that, I had the thought of wanting to be perfect. There are times when that aspect is good, but there are times when it’s exhausting. I’m trying hard to have a more comfortable heart.

We heard you are promoting as a model for casual shoe brand, Crocs.

Normally when I’m filming or when I have a schedule, I enjoy wearing Crocs products, especially the cute Crocbands. I also like their ‘Come as You Are’ campaign which is about expressing yourself comfortably, overcoming the gaze and opinion of those around you. It was a time that I was able to reflect back on myself and I want to share these experiences with others.

On stage or screen, at the airport and everywhere else, you draw attention for your fashion style. What is a style you seek out?

The process of understanding and knowing what clothes suit you well is most important. I like simple items that can give a point to the overall look. This spring, I’m planning to show comfortable and casual looks in beautiful and bright colours.

Source: Allure Korea