Tiffany, Who We Met in ‘La La Land’ LA

The city of stars for people who dream, La La Land. Tiffany, who is already a star among shining stars, is in the process of creating a new stage that is for herself at that place.

We thought while looking at the wide blue sky and bright sunshine that doesn’t interfere with the view. Tiffany’s energy that doesn’t easily retire is thanks to the photosynthesis that happens under LA’s abundant sunshine. Every day when she opens her eyes and falls asleep in this city, the chances of her growing up as an optimistic person seems high. Tiffany, who is overflowing with passion, doesn’t lose her bright smile and is as if she’s a main character of a Disney animation coming to life, has lived as a star who brought the world together. And now she’s attending school every day in LA and living as a student who is receiving acting lessons. The distance between these two sentences seem far from each other, but for her, who achieved her childhood dream of dancing and singing in various places around the world, there is no stage as suitable as LA to start the 2nd act of her life. Like Mia in the film <La La Land>, LA – a city for dreamers – still makes Tiffany’s heart flutter. From the start of her day to the end, she’s living each day diligently and enjoyably according to her own ways, without anyone else doing something on her behalf. We wanted to ask about many things, but instead of flashy words, there was no need to package up Tiffany’s sincerity of wanting to show quality results with a high degree of perfection after preparing in an orderly way. It was a conversation that was more comfortable than ever before but her sincerity lingered deeper than ever.

We met several times before but today’s photoshoot appears especially natural. How have you been?
Since last September, I’ve been attending school and listening to acting lectures. I am never late, and every day, I pack a banana, almonds and even coffee. (Laughs) I’ve also been continuously working on music. I’m taking care of my own condition while controlling and training it so I’m very much enjoying it. Work has become something that I’m doing because I want to do it, without relying on someone else.

Are you a student who receives praise at school?
Yes! My style is one that wants to sit on the very front row and absorb everything that the instructor teaches. It’s been a while since I studied so I didn’t even know I was this type of student. (Laughs) I think it’s because I really like attending school. A director takes the same classes as me, and in the beginning when he introduced himself, he said he started attending school so that he can give help to the actors who star in his films and understand the hearts’ of actors and I was so touched by these words. He’s in a different situation from me, but his appearance of putting his best efforts into acting is so cool. I receive a lot of inspiration solely from listening to classes like this. 

Maybe next year we’ll hear the news that you’ve received a scholarship? (Laughs) How does it feel to live in LA again for the first time in a while?
It’s very natural for me to be here right now. My family is here, and it could be because it’s the place where my tastes and everything about me was formed. I’m happy because I can still enjoy everything I’ve liked for a long time without change, from movies to music, even Disneyland.

It’s a place where you can live as Tiffany. Especially right now, you’re not spending the time anxious about work. 
In my teen years, if I believed that I can achieve anything according to my thoughts and everything will be well if I have strength and smile, now that I’m approaching 30, I’ve changed direction to become honest about my feelings where if I’m happy, I’m happy and if I’m sad, I’m sad. The acting technique I’m learning now is that if I put sincerity into the feelings I feel, people who are watching will react to it and I’ve always lived honestly. I prepared acting for a long time and now that I’m attending school, I’ve become even greedier. If music is like my religion, I can only express acting as love. 

Music is Tiffany’s language.
That’s right. That’s why I receive a lot of strength while learning to act. I have hope that someone will see the role that I’m acting and receive strength. I started to dream watching artists who healed me when things were difficult, and that dream coming true was SNSD. ‘Into the New World’ was the story that I could deliver with sincerity at that time. The fact that we achieved it together with our members at that age is really impressive and a happy thing. More than anything, I was able to come to LA with a comfortable heart because members cheered me on a lot.

As an actress, the dream of building of Hollywood career and to stand on a Broadway stage in New York is a huge challenge. The more I work, the more I want to be a true artist, rather than have ambitions to be a worldly star. It must have been difficult to see me as an artist when I was a girl who had just debuted. But as myself now, doing this interview, I think that I am really here as an artist. It could be that with my influence, someone has received energy, was comforted and found renewed will for life. I had the same experiences too. That’s why this work is so precious.

Everyone says that it will not be easy to enter into the American entertainment industry as an Asian person. But up to now, nothing has been easy. Even promoting as SNSD was not easy. I worked hard with my whole heart, but the work was not easy. I trust in the words, ‘It will happen as much as you believe’. With the members, we achieved everything we dreamed of together, and right now, I’m in the process of creating a different Tiffany. Rather than worrying and wasting my time, I will practice acting.

If you think back to when you imagined acting in Hollywood when you were young, your heart must flutter a lot these days.
When I look back, when we were practicing for concert tours, my style was to prepare without any gaps. When I learn ballet or an instrument, I learn it properly from the basics. If you start by mastering the fundamentals, you gain confidence. My heart flutters because I’m able to learn acting like that. Of course, it’s difficult and the thought of wanting to give up comes to mind often, I really like it. And my current teacher is a very passionate person and he/she said, if you thought it was ‘Practice Makes Perfect’, from now on, it’s ‘Perfect Practice Makes Perfect’. In that moment, I thought that the teacher was totally my style. (Laughs)

Going forward, while preparing for your future, the one thing you’ll need to overcome is Tiffany of the past. You must be anticipating even better results than the past 10 years.
In a book that I read recently, there was a phrase that said ‘Do your best every time’. If I try my best in every moment, I don’t think there is anything to compare. If I can be satisfied. When I practice, my teacher always says ‘Like the first time, last time, every time’ and to act like this. If I stand on stage each time with this heart, the idea that this is a waste of my life will disappear. So going forward, I think that if I just love it, it will be okay. If I love something, I can do anything and everything.

Did you know that your voice now higher than it was before? (Laughs) It’s cool.
Thank you. I’m a person who lives diligently. (Laughs) Truthfully, I want to be a positive influence to the dreamers who are growing in the same field. I hope that they’re not only an idol singer who are simply pretty and shining because they’re young, but I want them to have hope that they can grow in the direction that they want.

We heard that you watched the film countless times. What captured your heart?
I purchased a copy as part of my collection and play it every day. is so realistic. The message of love toward your work, acting and music and that if there’s someone who you love a lot but if that person doesn’t make you grow, you need to accept that situation and grow up on your own – these messages touched me very strongly.

Imagine if was made with Tiffany as the main character. Where in the life of the female protagonist are we at now?
Wouldn’t it be when Mia is preparing for her play alone? I only practice and imagine, but I haven’t done anything yet. I’m only at the stage where I’m moving my hands and using my body now so I think it’s reasonable that I could fail going forward.

It was refreshing to do a photoshoot with a Christmas mood in a warm city like this. What is Christmas like in LA?
No matter what, I spend Christmas with my family. If you drive about an hour from LA, there is snow on a mountain called Big Bear. We sometimes go there to see that area. My family gathers at home, drink hot chocolate, watch Christmas movies and spend the whole day together – isn’t that what’s fun?

Do you have a Christmas memory that stays with you?
When I was young, every year at Christmas, I put cookies and milk in front of the fireplace and waited for Santa Claus. I did this until I was almost 10 years old? But one day, I saw the wrapping paper that Santa Claus gave me in my parents’ closet and received a huge shock. I asked my parents what happened and no one could say anything. (Laughs)

How are you thinking of spending this year’s Christmas?
I don’t have any plans. I was thinking of just being at home, but I think I will be happy with that. I’m going to spend it eating delicious foods, watching Christmas movies all day and listening to carols.

If Santa Claus gave you a gift, what would you like to receive?
Ah, I’m seriously thinking about it as if I’ll receive it for real? (Laughs) I would like a LP player. I have one at my home in Seoul but I don’t have one in LA. When I’m home, I often want to listen to music with a LP.

It’s early but since it’s the December issue, do you have a greeting to send 2017 away?
One year passed by really quickly. I have a lot of memories with Ceci. I did my first solo cover with you, and it was fun to do a cover with the members too. It is really an honour that I was able to do the final photoshoot of my 20s. I wish that everyone will be able to spend next year even more meaningfully and healthily. Happy new year, happy holiday and Merry Christmas, everyone!

Source: Ceci Korea