“White Day Episode”

Like ‘Alice in Wonderland’, SNSD Sunny starts to dream.

This year is already SNSD Sunny’s 10th year anniversary since debut. It might be the reason why we felt a calmness from her, different from before. However, Sunny is still bright like a sun that has risen, fresh like a blooming flower in spring.

Recently, you came back from Japan where you were in the musical <Café-In>. How were the performances?
When I went to Tokyo the first time, I was preoccupied with memorizing the dialogue and ensuring everyone is working well together. But this time, it might be because we were re-performing the same piece, and we did rehearse it a lot more, so should I say there was a little more time to relax.

Then it must have felt less burdensome than the previous performances.
Despite that, as expected, I think feeling burdensome is inevitable. The musical is a 2-person piece again, so it felt very burdensome.

Did you work well with your co-star Cho Insung’s Sungje?
We worked well together. When we first debuted, we had a similar promotion schedule so we had met at that time. After that, it had been a while since we saw each other, but we were able to perform together comfortably.

What aspect concerns you most when doing a musical?
Not getting the dialogue wrong. When you’re saying the lines, even if a word has the same meaning, if you say a word differently, it’s a bit difficult for the person receiving the dialogue. So I tend to be most careful around those aspects.

We’re curious if there’s an area that you want to continuously attempt, outside of musicals.
Well, let’s see. These days, I’m trying to put focus on self-development.

What are you working on improving?
These days, I’m gaming a lot (laughs). (At the editor asking if that’s self-development) I want to debut as a pro gamer (laughs). I’m thinking of completely starting a career.

Do you have any greed of wanting to release a solo album?
Well. I want to have greed and show something when I have clear inspiration, overflowing with drive and the thought of ‘Ah, I want to show this style of stage’. But right now, finding that is a bit difficult. I’m not sure what suits me really well, so I want to attempt it after I’ve studied hard a lot more.

It has already been 10 years since debut. When you reflect back, what has been most memorable?
The first concert remains the most in my memory. That was the first time when the seats of a performance venue were all filled with people who came to see us. I cannot forget the overwhelming, should I say touching, feeling that overcame us then.

Even in simple actions, we can always feel the closeness between members. What do the members’ existence mean to Sunny?
It’s a bit difficult to say what their existence means. I don’t think there is a word that can express our relationship. Just family, sisters and also friend? We grew up together, and we’ve shared a lot so it’s very special. It’s a relationship that is not describable.

You must be really close with all of them, but is there a member who is most compatible with you?
Yoona? I’m also well matched with Hyoyeon, who I live with. These days, I think I am compatible with Yuri too. But really, when we’re together, or separate, we are all very compatible. Depending on the situation, each and every one of us has good chemistry with one another.

You had a protective fence called SNSD, but despite that, were there any difficulties with celebrity life?
Up to now, everything has been difficult. And nowadays, I can’t give the excuse of being young, or not knowing well. I think those aspects are hard. It’s gotten more difficult. Even if I have one schedule, I feel a sense of responsibility.

We can’t believe it but this year is your last year in your 20s. How does it feel?
(Laughs loudly while clapping) What do I do! First of all, I’m not sure. People around me advise me often that when the front number changes to 3, that a lot of things will change. They say my condition will be the first to change a lot. But since I’m still a 2, I want to spend it like I’m in my 20s as much as I can. But as expected, since I’m twenty-nine, I feel a lot of responsibility. I am careful in each of my actions. I don’t think I can be endlessly vivacious like I used to be before.

6 29 year-old members. Are there plans for an album?
Yes. There is. There always is. You’ll be able to see us within this year.

Thinking ahead, is there anything you want to show as SNSD in your 30s?
Kkyah! SNSD in our 30s. There are a lot of members so I think it’s difficult to show a ballad on stage. For ballads, the lyrics need to be communicated well, but when there are a lot of members, the parts get divided, and it’s commonly believed that ballads are not suitable. But despite that, I want to show a ballad.

2NE1 and Wonder Girls, who you used to promote with, have recently disbanded. How does it feel?
It’s a bit lonesome. Especially with Wonder Girls, our promotions overlapped the year before last and we got a lot closer since then. We would share concerns we’d have as girl groups and shared contact information, so it’s very lonely and regrettable. There were difficult times, but when we saw them rank 1st place on stage, they were very cool and we liked it. We admired them too. Since all of the members have passion toward music, I wonder what new side of themselves they will show individually and I am anticipating it.

You must feel a sense of responsibility as a long-running group.
I do feel it. Ah, I feel it. (Laughs) Honestly, it is burdensome but since there are many group that are even longer running than us, I will toss the sense of the responsibility to them! (Laughs)

Other than work, what are you most interested in these days?
Sogeum, the cat I’m raising, is totally her mom’s shadow. So she’s by my side 24 hours a day. When I sleep, she tries to sleep by my side, when I’m eating, she stares while sitting beside me, and even when I go to the bathroom, she meows in front of the bathroom door, asking to open the door.

It seemed like she received an award from a cat contest recently?
Yes, that’s right. Sogeumie received many awards at a cat contest. I wanted to have an experience that neither Sogeum nor I had ever done before. I got close to the breeder who sold me the cat and that person recommended it. They said when we receive an award, I will feel very proud. So that’s why I went, and the results were good and I was very proud.

When we see your Instagram, you like characters from “The Simpsons” and gaming. We have a feeling you’re a mischievous girl.
I don’t think I’m totally mature yet. I think I’m in trouble because I’m still immature. I better become more mature soon.

That might be why, but when we see Sunny, we can always feel a bright energy. What is the driving force of that energy?
When I say words like this, a lot of people don’t believe me, but I’m shy around people I don’t know. Truthfully, I’m very shy around people I don’t know, so it’s hard to become close. But when I get close, I get very close. I think that’s my driving force. If I’m around people I’m close to, I get energized and I become overflowing with playfulness. But if I’m not around a single person I’m close to, I become low spirited.

What is Sunny’s biggest source of energy?
Sogeumie. She is now 3 years old.

Sunny is always bright and optimistic, but you must have times when you’re sad.
Like I said before, I’m shy so when there are a lot of people I don’t know, my mood becomes down and I appear tired. Sometimes I’m misunderstood and people think something happened that upset me, or something happened that put me in a bad mood. So I’m trying hard to fix that but it’s not easy to fix a personality that is naturally shy around new people.

Today’s editorial topic is ‘White Day’. If you have a boyfriend, what kind of present do you want to receive on White Day?
I would like to receive anything that was personally made by hand. I even like something small. Paper crane, written letter, I even like things like handmade trinkets, so I want to receive a present that contains the heart.

When you date, do you tend to remember and celebrate milestone dates?
No. I don’t think I’m the type to put a lot of meaning into small milestones or be concerned about it.

What kind of a person is Sunny’s ideal type?
Truthfully, I don’t even know what my ideal type is yet. I’ve asked members before and they said “I don’t know your ideal type either”. So since before my debut, when I’ve been asked about my ideal type, I always respond “nice guy”. I think that just explains everything. I would like a nice and honest guy.

We shot an editorial today with the theme of ‘White Day Episode’. What is the sweetest dream that Sunny is dreaming of going forward?
I hope I don’t age, and that I’m continuously creative and always attempting new things. I think there are a lot of things I’m afraid of these days. I hope I don’t have those fears, and that I hope I’m not afraid when it comes to trying new things. So I’m trying to have several various dreams.

Lastly, what is your wish for this year?
As 10th year celebrations, my wish is for SNSD to do something to commemorate it with fans. I would like to do something that will really remain in our memories and will put us all in a good mood. Of course, something that is fun. That is my dream right now.

We will anticipate it.
If you anticipate it, it will weigh down my shoulders, but I am anticipating it too. (Laughs)

Scans courtesy of @SoonkyunerLater