“The Moments”

Musician and actress Choi Sooyoung says “Life is existing continuously within ‘moments’”. Many moments of the past creates the present, and the present continues into a different now. It means that within any theme – people, work, health, skin – you have to try your best in every moment.

It has been a year. It feels like your mood has somewhat changed.
I got a bit tanned in Bali. I had a beauty shoot scheduled so I tried to put care into it so I feel apologetic.

Not at all! What’s important to us is gloss and texture. It’s good as you brought your shining marble skin. We know you take very good care of yourself, but this is the most we’ve ever seen it.
The busier I am, the more I tend to take care of myself. When I film dramas, there are frequent all night shoots, and when I stand on stage, I wear thick makeup so my skin condition becomes less stable. This is also the reason why I’m picky when choosing makeup products.

Do you tend to be sensitive about your appearance?
I’m in a career where I’m continuously shown on camera, so if my skin is not good, I become sensitive. I don’t want it to become detrimental to my work. When I work, I’m affected by my mood, so in order to be able to focus, I become diligent about skin care.

What is visible is not everything, but it’s true that what is visible has an impact on what is not visible. When we said you looked different earlier, it was a compliment that you became prettier in a more womanly way. We can’t believe what difference 1 year makes.
I think that’s what time is. I didn’t know as each day passes, but when that stacks up, I’ve become quite different.

SNSD activities and drama have overlapped. Is it difficult to do two lines of work that’s completely different in tempo, energy and personality at the same time?
When I film a drama, the most important thing is to assimilate entirely into the character, so I need to start by emptying out my own character. I am thinking about how SNSD Sooyoung who has a strong presence can coexist with the role that I’ve taken on.

This must be a very important moment for you.
Words can’t describe it. When SKII suggested the Pitera one bottle campaign with the theme of ‘Big Moments’, I wondered if it could be any more fitting than this.

We heard the mission was ‘30 day record for the important moment’.
Thanks to the campaign, I took a lot of selfies.

While filming the beauty film, you said “I don’t have any moments of regret in life”. As you learn from every experience. What did you earn from this challenge?
I learned how I can care for my skin going forward. It was luck to be able to find a lifetime solution for my skin after investing for one month. It’s reliable as if I’ve gotten insurance.

As you said your skin condition has an effect on your work, we’re looking even more forward to your future career.
Big moments attract other big moments, so I believe that good skin will add to luck when it comes to work.

Truthfully, ‘big moment’ is both an opportunity and a source of anxiety.
That’s why you need preparation. I’m living as diligently as I can.

Now that you say that, we have to ask about your daily life.
On days when I don’t have schedules, I wake up in the morning and do exercises like yoga or golf, and afterwards, I learn or practice various things that I will need for work. Of course, beauty care is included in that. Since it’s linked to confidence.

What does beauty mean to you?
It’s comfort. I strongly believe that you need to be comfortable to appear pretty to others. So in my daily life, and when I act, I ensure I prioritize that.

Truthfully, I’m a fan of actress Choi Sooyoung. When I first watched tvN , your subtle appearance was memorable. You didn’t seem like a rookie.
It’s because I’d been continuously preparing.

When you started life as a trainee, you were just twelve years old. These days, people tend to debut young but 12 years old is a young age. Were you okay?
Truthfully, I was barely able to go to school. When I thought that I wasn’t able to experience things that all girls my age experienced, it was upsetting. But without that time, I won’t be here right now. When I accepted that truth, all of my past moments and the present become even more precious.

What does SNSD mean to you?
They are dependable colleagues, friends who I will be with for life and family. They’re mom-like, and also dad-like. Sometimes they are like my lovers. Members are people who will have a huge impact on me, regardless of what I will experience going forward or what path I will walk. I believe that we will be dependable reinforcements for each other going forward.

How was 10 years with SNSD?
On stage, I was not alone. Since I was always with members, I think the spotlight and the weight of worries were equally divided among the eight of us.

Do you consider Sooyoung on stage to be 1/8?
That’s right. But I definitely don’t take it lightly. Living as an entertainer, I’ve realized that my words and actions have a huge influence on others and I’ve learned that the responsibility that accompanies that falls completely on me and I can’t share that with anyone else.

Is it burdensome?
It’s a responsibility. It’s a token that makes me aware of the reasons that I receive love, and it’s a weight that a person who is in the spotlight has to withstand.

Are you always this resolute? Is it tacky to ask you about hardships, as you’ve been adult-like since you were young?
If I’m speaking honestly, I think that up to now, both personally and as SNSD, I think I’ve done well without big hardships. It’s upsetting when I’m treated as just one member of a girl group, I think of the love I’ve received as SNSD, and I think ‘This is homework that I’m grateful for that I will need to figure out going forward’. What is enjoyable is that now that I have a new task, I’ve started gaining a different kind of strength.

Even though it’s difficult homework?
There are a lot that I will need to overcome, but I’m thankful that there is still a lot that I haven’t shown as an actress. My style is to use hardships as a driving force of life, so I’ve received strength to be able to forge ahead until an exclamation mark follows actress Choi Sooyoung, rather than a question mark.

You entered the entertainment world at a young age and it took 16 long years to get here. Your sentiments must be unlike others.
I didn’t know I would get to this point. The time that I spent with members were precious and fun, and I can’t believe I’ve been given so much, it’s more than I deserve.

But you’re only just twenty eight now, and you’ll experience a lot more going forward. With what heart will you greet the moments that will come?
As ‘that time’ has reached the present, the present will continue into a different now. The work I’ll do is always the same. It’s patience and hard work. This is what I’ve learned from my life as an entertainer in the days that have passed.

Source: Vogue Korea