“The Day in Paris”

One day in July. We endlessly walked the bridges over the Seine River following her as she explored various parts of the city as if she’s familiar with it. The delicate details of the buildings and the secretive and mystical scenery positioned deeply in the side streets, and Jessica’s eyes that contained light came together like a painting.


What kind of a city is Paris to Jessica?

I spend a lot of time in New York, so the charms that Europe possesses comes to me in a fresh way. Buildings that cherish the passing of long years, and the living and breathing heritage hidden in various parts of the city. New York is also a city with a long history but its feelings are very different from the one that Paris has. I want to live here for a month. You have to diligently explore each and every side street to know Paris’s charms even more. In the seasons where it’s light out late into the night, I love the café culture where you enjoy the sunshine and drink wine. In another aspect, a reason why I’d like to live here is its charm as a centre for fashion, which I have an intimate relationship with and is related to the work that I’m doing.


Is there a place you must visit when you come to Paris?

Musée de l’Orangerie. When people come to Paris, they often visit the Louvre. If I had time, it would be nice, but for people like me who come here for a photoshoot or on business and only have a short period of free time, I recommend Musée de l’Orangerie. It’s very compact, and every time I visit, I receive a different feeling so I never get sick of it even though I’ve been several times. Truthfully, not only for album preparation, but to prepare the collection for the brand that I’m operating now, I need a lot of inspiration. When I come to Paris, I can appreciate incredible art at museums in person, so it’s special. I can receive ideas from the colours or the silhouettes that artists have used. The style sense of women in Paris is also a wellspring of inspiration. Parisians seem to wear clothes according to innate sensibilities. They possess freedom unshackled by particular rules and at the same time, they are stylish. Sometimes I sit at open air cafes and I admire the styles of Parisians who walk by.


Even if you had ten bodies, it seems it wouldn’t be enough. Album work, not just domestic activities but overseas activities. And your work as a designer. Is all of this possible? We also heard that you recently opened a store in New York.

The reaction in New York is better than I thought, so I’m spending happy days. If I could open a store in Paris one day, I think it would be cool. Honestly, to make all of this work possible, the efforts of the staff that I work with are huge. My personality is one that tends to favour taking care of everything perfectly one by one and planning before moving. Efficiency is multiplied when planned systems and staff’s efforts are working well together. Since there’s a lot that I’m doing, I focus quickly and then need to quickly go over to the next stage, so I tend to divide up my time often. When I live breathlessly like that, there are times when I want to rest, and I’m exactly like that right now. I’m so thankful that we came to Paris for this shoot. I can experience the height of summer in Paris, as well as the autumn mood that will approach soon. It’s sales season so I can shop for last summer season and I can see fall-winter collections in person. Of course, the biggest enjoyment is that I can be together with fans through today’s <First Look> and OnStyle’s <Charm TV>. I was happy I could say hello to many fans here. And I could show the Paris pictorial photo shoot story in person. There’s a heatwave here, so wearing a sheepskin jacket or a bulky winter coat for the photoshoot is not an easy task. But even though Paris’s summer is beautiful, the autumn is even deeper and charming. If the pictorial is able to show that charm of Paris, I think it will be worthwhile. I hope the fans will be able to join me, not only the pictorial, but also the <Charm TV> behind-the-scenes videos and enjoy it.


Autumn suits you very well. Before, if you were a girl who suited shining and bright spring and summer, now it feels like you’ve become deeper like autumn.  

I started working too early so I had to be perfect at everything, so I was a bit sensitive. I definitely feel a difference between myself then and now. In one moment, this kind of thought came to mind. That it’s most beautiful to focus on what feels like you. And when I’m Jessica in her entirety, even if I’m not perfect, a lot of people recognize my inner heart, and even if I make a mistake, they can embrace me warmly. Now, rather than being influenced by the environment or gazes, I try to use even more energy on believing in the work that I want to do and in myself. Being myself is most comfortable and I like it most.


You are 29 years old this year. In my experience, it was an age that was restless, sad and heart-fluttering. How do you feel?

Surprisingly, I’m having a good time. I’m really looking forward to my thirties. As I started work early, I experienced a lot at a young age. Now that there has been repeated clashes and shatters, now I’ve become a lot softer and harder. I wonder if small changes like that will mature more in my thirties than now, which gives me anticipation. I don’t have a special image of what kind of person I want to become, but you know it’s like that. There are a few unnies that I’m close to who I think are cool, and I think that it would be nice if I could age like that unnie. I want to be a person like that. My dongsaeng Soojungie thought of me as an adult since she was young and followed me. She received a lot of influence from me. With that meaning, I thought that I need to age even better. Standard-wise, not only taking care of your external beauty, but inner maturity that includes wisdom and tolerance.


It has already been ten years since your debut. What is the one thing that is most important to Jessica right now?

It’s a difficult question. As I get older, I’m letting go of selfishness and there are a lot of things that are important. It’s not easy to choose just one thing. If I’m going to take care of so many important people and work, it makes me think that health needs to be the backbone. For ten years, I wasn’t sick and there wasn’t a time when something went wrong with my health, but recently, I’ve been experiencing that my body is not the same as it used to be. It’s punishment for not taking care of my own body and just running toward the finish line. Now I’m trying to use my relaxed heart toward taking care of my health. My standard of beauty has changed too. I’m understanding that it’s not simply about having a thin and slim body, but what it means to be a healthy beauty.


Can Jessica, who has experienced Paris’s autumn first, say a few words to our readers?

I hope you have a comfortable autumn. There are many meanings of comfort, but I hope your heart is comfortable so that you can feel the beauty of this autumn. As always, autumn regrettably moves by quickly. Gentle autumn breeze, the street scenery that is dyed in fantastic colours, I hope you can experience it one by one, and slowly breathe. It has already been ten years since I started my activities. It hasn’t been long since I’ve been able to relax like this. That’s why each and every moment is so precious. I’m trying to be a person who knows how to calmly engrave the love and hearts of fans that I’ve been receiving for a long time. I hope we can be together for the countless autumns ahead of us, until the end. I will come back soon with an album that commemorates the 10th anniversary!

Source: 1st Look