Hyoyeon “SNSD 10th Anniversary, Everything is Carefully Decided… Look Forward To It”

Singer Hyoyeon came back to the music industry with a standard for girl crush in the new song ‘Wannabe’. With a concept that is stronger than usual and unprecedented, Hyoyeon shows off a powerful stage that suits the description of ‘Performance Queen’.

Hyoyeon met with press in the waiting room for Mnet ‘M! Countdown’ on the 1st and shared her resolution for the stage for her new song. Following are the questions and answers with Hyoyeon.

◆ Your second solo song. How was it this time?
When my solo song first came out, I was excited, overwhelmed and nervous. However, this time, I perfected the recording and choreography ahead of time and continuously practiced over and over. That could be why I’m not as nervous as I thought I would for the first broadcast.

◆ Are you satisfied with the concept this time?
I’m very satisfied. Personally, I like strong concepts. I like concepts that have feeling and force even if you haven’t done much. If there’s an expression that goes beyond ‘girl crush’, I want to use that. I wore clothes that suit me, so even when we were filming the music video it wasn’t hard at all. The concept and music are everything I want to do.

◆ How do you feel about being called a ‘Performance Queen’?
I really like it. Because what I can confidently show is performance. But I have a lot of concerns between performance and performing live. I have to do both well, but there are definitely difficulties. If I try ever harder, I think I will be able to do it well one day. Once again, I feel that BoA is really impressive.

◆ Your collaboration with San E has received reactions saying it’s refreshing.
I didn’t have a direct close relationship with San E, but through schedules, I had met him often and we were acquainted. When I listened to the rap part of the guide version of the new song, San E came to mind so I asked him, and he readily accepted. I like the parts I sing but I really like the parts that San E sings. From the groove to the rhyme, I was able to feel ‘He’s not San E without reason’. I just need to do well. Haha.

◆ If there is Season 2 of ‘Hit the Stage’, would you be interested in appearing?
If they told me to do it, I think I would but I’m not sure. It was so hard. I’m greedy so I wanted to do each and every stage well. If there is a guest performance, I will go on it no matter what.

◆ What kind of assessment do you want to receive as ’solo singer Hyoyeon’?
I want to hear that I’m a ‘performanc dance singer’. More than anyting, I’m most confident about performance, so I hope that becomes the descriptor. Before, I was fed up with being called the one in charge of dancing. That was probably my period of stagnation. Now I want to think ‘What I’m good at is performance’ and I want to emphasize this.

◆ How are preparations going for SNSD’s 10th anniversary?
Preparations are going well. It’s an album that is coming out after a long period of non-activity and it’s also our 10th anniversary. From choosing the songs, everything is being carefully decided. Please look forward to it, as much as you can.