“Hit the Hyoyeon”

On stage, Hyoyeon is a woman stronger than anyone. What is her daily life like off the stage? Hyoyeon’s ‘Hit the One Day’.


If I’m given delicious food in front of my eyes, I tend not to hold back. I like fast food, which is known as the enemy of dieting. Recently, I’ve gotten to know the taste of late night foods, and I can’t let go of its temptation. If I eat everything I want to eat, it becomes problematic so I try to eat healthily. I often eat vegetable-based Korean food and I feel as though my body is getting healthier. My motto when it comes to eating food is ‘Whatever I eat, if I eat with stress, it will be bad no matter what I eat’. In the moment that I eat, I try to eat with a heart that will enjoy delicious food.

My skin is dry, so from my face to body, I focus on care. When it’s winter, the season that is most torturous for dry skin, I wake up from sleep to apply more cream. I always keep moisture cream that uses natural ingredients like rice or green tea, or mask packs infused with essence closest to me. It’s one of the already widely known moisture care methods, but I recommend mixing oil and lotion 1:1 when applying it. If you apply it gently as if you’re massaging, it has double the moisturizing effect and it helps with circulation as well.

Since I have dyed blonde hair, people mistakenly think that my hair condition would be very bad. There’s nothing I can do with hair that’s damaged through dyeing, but the condition of my hair tends to be good. I do treatments at home, and I often also do hair packs. It’s not anything extraordinary, but if my tip is continuous care, it may well be my biggest tip.


The space I live in shows who I am. Items that I chose because I like them represent my tastes. Recently, I’ve become very interested in household items like dishes, curtains and bedding. People say if you fall into interior design there is no escape, and it’s already too late. I really like French mood types of items.

Normally, I really like spas so the bathroom is the most important space in my house. During that time, I am relaxed and in a disarmed state to resolve exhaustion. I like bathtubs and even tiles that are pretty. I like grey and green tones so I’ve decorated it in a soft way, from the wallpaper. I choose exactly what I like.


Dance is my hobby and life. It’s exhilarating to be able to move anytime, anywhere. Like how the public thinks ‘Hyoyeon = dance’, dance really accompanies me anytime and anywhere. In the early days of debut, I wasn’t able to differentiate between work and enjoyment well. Now I feel like I’ve figured out the method on how to be happy and to relieve stress. It’s a topic I need to continue to resolve going forward.

My personality tends to go out to find something, rather than staying still. Sports I enjoy tend to be very active. These days, I’m completely into going out to the field for a round of golf. In the winter, I basically live at ski resorts. All year around, depending on the weather and my mood that day, I do a random play of inline skating, tennis and scuba diving. When nothing is working out the way I want, my personality would be the type to wear a mask and a hat and patrol the neighbourhood. (Laughs)


It would be the same for most women but when I go somewhere, the first item I take is my pouch. Normally, I like one-point makeup. So I tend to fixate and use up a single focus item for lip, eye and cheek. MAC lipsticks have colours that are unique and diverse, and there are many varieties that suit my skin tone well so I own multiple. If there is a habit unique to me, it’s that I bring an angle to life when I use lipstick. When I want to be girlish, I use Benefit’s Dandelion, and when I want to show off sexy and tanned skin, I choose Hoola. Both products have hit pan, and are my favourite items.

When I go to my family home, I’m stuck to Barbara, a 3 year old who has short legs for a Poodle. Our Babara’s charm point is her ears that are dyed brown, though her body is cream coloured. I’m in charge of discipline so she fears me most of our family members, but even before I ring the doorbell, she wags her dyed brown ears and tail energetically and greets me. I can’t not love Babara.


It has already been over 9 years since me and SNSD have been called as if it’s a single name. During that time, I have been fulfilling my own short-term goals and I’m here now. When I was a trainee, debut was my dream, and after fulfilling that, and I set the goal of ‘SNSD’s solo concert’. For a long time, I imagined myself standing on stage at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, and 2 years ago, it became reality. As SNSD became bigger, I matured together. As I officially start my solo activities, I want to create an even stronger image as singer Hyoyeon, independent of SNSD. As I progress without losing direction, I feel the day that I choose my goal for the next step is getting closer.

Source: GGPM