Winter is a season that really suits red lip colours. When you wear a neutral coloured coat or a thick knitted pullover often, just making your lips red allows you to have a complete look.

This was your first beauty editorial shoot in a while, how was it?

Today we showed one point makeup that emphasized a red lip colour, it’s not a style that I normally attempt so it was new and fun!

Do you have a lot of interest in makeup normally?

I really enjoy doing my makeup on my own and I have a lot of interest in cosmetics. When a new product comes out, I like testing them. I also bring out makeup that I had bought before and hadn’t used that much and try it too. Not only makeup products, but I also enjoy using body creams and body mists, and I prefer subtle and natural scents.

Is there a beauty product that you’re fixated on these days?

I’m totally into cheek blushers. Depending on what colour you apply on both of your cheeks, the look of the whole makeup changes and that’s interesting. It changes your mood and impression a little bit too. I like mixing pink and orange colours – it’s feminine but also appears bright.

We’re curious what products you carry in your makeup pouch.

I like makeup a lot, so I tend not to be minimalistic. I carry almost all products that I need, so my pouch is heavy. Haha. When it comes to cushion compacts, I carry both a product that’s good for coverage, as well as a product that can lightly fix your skin tone. I also carry a liquid brow gel that can clean up your brow hairs, shading (contour) powder, eyeshadow with basic colours and a powder that eliminates excess oil.

Your eyebrows today have been drawn very prettily. Did you trim them yourself before applying makeup?

Like how you apply toner and cream on your face day and night, I carefully take care of my eyebrows on a daily basis. Right now, we lowered the arch of the eyebrow to create a curved shape, and I’ve often heard that it looks calm. I dyed my brow colour a bit lighter to match my hair colour and I think my complexion looks brighter.

You recently attempted unicorn hair colour too, right?

Various colours looked mystical and dream-like, so I really wanted to try it. But maintenance of the pastel pink colour was harder than I thought. I dyed my hair a bright, Barbie doll-like colour and I liked it. When I change my hair colour, it changes my mood and I find joy in trying something new.

How do you typically maintain your skin?

I tend not to go to skin clinics or estheticians. I suppose it could improve your skin in an instant, but instead, I choose to sleep well, eat delicious foods and make my heart comfortable. If you think optimistically and have a comfortable heart, I think your skin improves as well. Of course, it takes some time but I’m trying to instill and master healthy habits that are good for my body. These days, I am eating pomegranates which are good for women’s health and taking vitamins diligently.

These days, the wind feels cold. Should we say it’s weather that makes you hide because it’s cold?

I go out even more when it’s like this. I think it’s just my personality. On the weekend, I ran at the Han River while sweating. It relieved a lot of stress? Even when I’m at home, I move a lot, doing things like organizing my vanity, and it becomes a natural diet.

We’re curious about your future plans.

I’m diligently preparing my solo album, and I’m studying English and composing. Musically, I want to show a mature side of me. For SNSD, which is in its 10th year since debut, it’s not the end but only the beginning.


What’s Hyoyeon’s haircare tip, who enjoys transforming with various hair colours? “I recently dyed my hair back to blonde, after the pink unicorn hair which I attempted this summer. Pink hair was harder to maintain than I thought and it damaged my hair a lot. I was concerned especially because my hair strands had been thinning, so I diligently took care of it with hair ampules that make your hair healthy and now my hair has shine and I can feel its strength.”

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