So I just spent a good chunk of my day defending Jessica on my Ask.FM account. In response to this, I received a message that said Jessica has been acting “shady”, saying that Tiffany doesn’t deserve to have a solo in a recent interview. In the interviews I’ve read, I’ve only seen supportive comments from Jessica, so this is how I responded.

After my response, another person tipped me off on the fact that the previous poster was referring to an allkpop article posted two weeks ago with the following excerpt:

She then talked about debuting as a solo artist around the same time as Tiffany with,“When I heard the news, I thought, ‘Why? Of all people?’” and laughed.  She continued, “I thought that it might actually be a good thing. I was curious about what Tiffany would do, and she was really cool. I thought it’d be fun for people who are watching because her music and visuals are different from mine.  Leaving behind the grades for our music, I wish that we would each promote coolly.”

I thought that this was strange, given that Jessica’s comments have been nothing but supportive of Tiffany’s solo activities. No thanks to allkpop, who DO NOT provide original Korean sources on their articles (Seriously guys? Come on…), I went to Donga Sports myself to hunt down the original Korean article.

Now that I read the original in Korean, I’ve realized that allkpop’s “translation” is: (a) inaccurate; and (b) out of context.

Here are all of the SNSD-related parts re-translated from that original Jessica interview, with context:

This album, especially, has a different meaning as it’s the first album without the ‘SNSD’ title. Amidst various misunderstandings and rumours after withdrawing from SNSD, Jessica has confidently returned.

“Normally, I compare my life to a book with pages you turn one by one. At the time when I withdrew, I thought that it was time for me to write in the period (aka, finish the sentence). Now, I’m on the next page so it’s time for me to write a new story. To me, SNSD was an important and precious time. For me to be where I am now, I couldn’t have done that without SNSD’s existence.”

Like this, through the new album, Jessica opened a new chapter of her musical life. Coincidentally, Tiffany, who was a SNSD member at the same time as her, debuted with her solo. With regards to this, Jessica replied honestly.  

“When I heard the news, I thought, “Why? Of all occasions?” (Laughs) But I thought it would actually be a good thing. I was really curious what Tiffany would come out with and it was really cool. She has such a different music and visual from me, so from the perspective of people watching, I thought it would be fun. Putting results of our music aside, I hope we can both promote in a cool way.”

While preparing for the solo, not every part of the process went smoothly. To Jessica, who is taking off the big title of SNSD and attempting a solo, everything is unfamiliar. There were difficulties associated with the fact that she has to do work alone, which was previously shared by 9 people.

“The fact that I had to do everything myself was the most difficult. Before when we would do interviews, we could divide the parts. But now, I have to put my attention into everything from one to ten so that’s a bit unfamiliar. But the good thing is that everything is going well. All of the
staff respect my thoughts and my colours, so I think it has rubbed off on the final result.”

I’ve bolded the relevant part. Jessica was responding to the fact that Tiffany’s solo debut was at the SAME TIME as her solo promotions. She wasn’t dissing Tiffany in any way.

Even when you look up the word 하필 in a Korean to English dictionary, the translation is “of all occasion [placespersons]”. Allkpop chose to translate this as “Why? Of all people?”, BUT FAILING TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT CONTEXT, which would clearly tell you that she was referring to the TIMING of everything.

I hope this clarifies. It’s a good reminder for all of us to go directly to the original source and to take news sites who do not provide sources with a grain of salt.

Source: Original Sports Donga Interview