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[LYRIC TRANSLATION] Tiffany – “Talk” from I Just Wanna Dance (2016 EP)

English lyric translation for Tiffany’s “Talk” from her first solo album.

[LYRIC TRANSLATION] Tiffany – “I Just Wanna Dance” from I Just Wanna Dance (2016 EP)

English lyric translation for Tiffany’s title song “I Just Wanna Dance” from her first solo album.

[TRANS] Tiffany Interview in Pin Prestige, April 2016 “If it’s okay, can I eat while we do the interview?” asked Tiffany Hwang, as she opened the packaging on bread. I never thought I’d see this scene in person, so I… Continue Reading →

[TRANSLATION] SM Performance Director’s Deleted OT9 Post

Translation of @beatburgerjae’s now deleted OT9 post.

[TRANS] Tiffany in Instyle, March 2016 – Tiffany Hearts Paris ‘SNSD Tiffany’ is not here. Instead, there’s only love Tiffany, who knows how to enjoy freedom and romance. A city that gifts memories even if you just walk around, happy… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] SNSD Acceptance Speeches at #SIA2016 Style Icon Yoona: First of all, we are in a good mood because SIA gave us such a great award and thank you so much for your continuing love. And especially for us, we… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Taeyeon Interview in K WAVE, March 2016 – Taeyeon/Tiffany Compilation Q. When you decide on an album concept, do you have input? Taeyeon: I tend to show the results to Tiffany. Before the record is open, I show the… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Tiffany’s Interview in Grazia, March 2016 FROM DIOR, WITH TIFFANY As soon as she stepped into the Arrivals Hall, there was impenetrable security, police protocol while transferring to the hotel, and the thousands of fans who waited at the event… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Tiffany’s “Beauty Talk” in InStyle, March 2016  Beauty Talk: Tiffany Tiffany, who is well known as SNSD’s official fashionista. But to friends, she is known as the beauty expert. “Fashion is beauty, and I like to beauty is fashion. Hair,… Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] “TaeTiSeo’s White Christmas”: SNSD-TTS Interview in HIGH CUT, Vol. 164 (December 2015)

Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun discuss their Christmas album, “Dear Santa” in an interview with HIGH CUT.

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