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[LYRIC TRANSLATION] Seohyun – “Don’t Say No” from Don’t Say No (2017 EP)

English lyric translation for Seohyun’s title song “Don’t Say No” from her first solo album.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Seohyun in Esquire Korea (November 2016)

Seohyun talks overcoming maknae image and her role as Woohee in ‘Moon Lovers’.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Seohyun in Grazia (September 2016)

Seohyun talks driving, traveling, her love of musicals and her new drama ‘Moon Lovers’.

[LYRIC TRANSLATION] Yuri & Seohyun – “Secret”

English lyric translation for Yuri & Seohyun’s duet, “Secret” from their SM Station release.

[TRANS] “Mamma Mia!” Co-Stars on Seohyun and Seophie  Park Sohyun: Sophie is played by SNSD’s Seohyun. You are very well matched with Seohyun.Choi Jungwon (role of Donna): She’s pretty.Park Sohyun: What was your first impression of her Sophie?Choi Jungwon: She… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Seohyun Beauty Feature in Singles, May 2016 – “S.O.S. Dr. Jart” Dr. Jart+ Cicapair that quickly calms and restores tired skin. SNSD Seohyun’s translucent and clear skin secret is here. “If skin is healthy, anyone looks much prettier. The… Continue Reading →

[TRANSLATION] SM Performance Director’s Deleted OT9 Post

Translation of @beatburgerjae’s now deleted OT9 post.

[TRANS] Seohyun’s Mamma Mia! Interview with “The Move”, April 2016 Interview with Musical ‘Mamma Mia!’ Seohyun <Role of Sophie> An idol’s passion and hard work, who wrote a diary and sang while running on a treadmill. <Mamma Mia!>’s Sophie, who… Continue Reading →

[TRANS COMPILATION] Taeyeon & Seohyun’s Twitter exchange about cherry blossoms. (Note: There are several references to 10cm’s song “What the Spring”) Taeyeon: Do you like spring?? Seohyun: I like spring.. What do you mean… Hope everything gets ruinedㅜㅜㅜ Kekeke, let’s… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Seohyun “Mamma Mia!” Article, Daum Entertainment – “Seohyun, Possesses All of the Charms… Bright · Glamourous · Beautiful Sophie” I thought her ‘Sophie’ would be gentle, innocent and cute. But in the musical ‘Mamma Mia!’, ‘SNSD’ group member Seohyun… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] SNSD Acceptance Speeches at #SIA2016 Style Icon Yoona: First of all, we are in a good mood because SIA gave us such a great award and thank you so much for your continuing love. And especially for us, we… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Ock Juhyun “Seohyun, a friend who tries hard without rest… Proud of her” (Interview)

From member of past girl group Fin.K.L to now holding the position of ‘trusted and watched’ musical actress, Ock Juhyun has left a message of encouragement for SNSD Seohyun, who is current rising on the musical stage. In an interview… Continue Reading →

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