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[TRANSLATION] Seohyun’s Letter to Fans from “Love, Still”

Seohyun pens a heartful letter to fans in “Love, Still” concert photo book.

[TRANSLATION] Sooyoung’s Post on SNSD 9th Anniversary

Sooyoung’s letter to SONE on the 9th anniversary of SNSD’s debut.

[TRANSLATION] SNSD’s 9th Anniversary Message for SONE

Girls’ Generation members’ message for SONE on the 9th anniversary of their debut.

[TRANSLATION] Yoona’s Kitchen on Vyrl: Curry with Rice and Egg Cookie Recipes

Learn how to cook curry with rice and egg cookies Yoona-style with these recipes.

[TRANSLATION CORRECTION] Clarification on Jessica’s Donga Sports Interview

Correcting Allkpop’s misleading translation of Jessica’s interview.

[TRANSLATION] Yuri Self-Questionnaire 2016

Yuri fills out a questionnaire about herself for Yuri Gallery.

[TRANS] “Mamma Mia!” Co-Stars on Seohyun and Seophie  Park Sohyun: Sophie is played by SNSD’s Seohyun. You are very well matched with Seohyun.Choi Jungwon (role of Donna): She’s pretty.Park Sohyun: What was your first impression of her Sophie?Choi Jungwon: She… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Jessica Birthday Party Self Questionnaire  Name: Jung Sooyeon  Student Number: 8904181024  1. Your favourite Blanc & Eclare line?  ✓ Sunglasses   Scarves  Denim  Ready to Wear  Cosmetic   2. Of fruit flavored soju, which suits your tastebuds the best?  Grapefruit  Yuzu … Continue Reading →

[TRANS] SM performance director’s deleted OT9 post: If I’m going to drunkenly (?) tell a story There are many stories But this is the story I want to bring out now – No matter what anyone says Rascals that I’ve… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Hyoyeon’s final words at #TheMoment event I am now in my 10th year of activities as a girl group member. 10 years is truly meaningful but also somewhat bittersweet, and the number 10 seems small but if you say… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] SNSD Acceptance Speeches at #SIA2016 Style Icon Yoona: First of all, we are in a good mood because SIA gave us such a great award and thank you so much for your continuing love. And especially for us, we… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Ock Juhyun “Seohyun, a friend who tries hard without rest… Proud of her” (Interview)

From member of past girl group Fin.K.L to now holding the position of ‘trusted and watched’ musical actress, Ock Juhyun has left a message of encouragement for SNSD Seohyun, who is current rising on the musical stage. In an interview… Continue Reading →

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