Girls' Generation Translations



[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Seohyun in AtStar1 (September 2016)

Seohyun talks SNSD and 9th anniversary, her regular life and relationship with SONE.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Hyoyeon in Esquire Korea (February 2017)

“Hyoyeon’s Ten Million Likes”, challenges of early days of SNSD and her ideal type.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Sooyoung in Cosmopolitan Korea (December 2016)

Sooyoung travels to LA with Cosmopolitan Korea and discusses fashion and SNSD.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Sooyoung in W Korea (December 2016)

Sooyoung reflects on her year and talks about her favourite thing about Seoul.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Seohyun in Esquire Korea (November 2016)

Seohyun talks overcoming maknae image and her role as Woohee in ‘Moon Lovers’.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Sooyoung & Stella Kim in MAPS (August 2016)

Sooyoung and Stella Kim discuss their friendship and what they’ve been up to.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Taeyeon in BEAUTY+ (September 2016)

Taeyeon shares her best skincare and beauty tips with Nature Republic products.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Seohyun in Grazia (September 2016)

Seohyun talks driving, traveling, her love of musicals and her new drama ‘Moon Lovers’.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Taeyeon in Ceci (September 2016)

Taeyeon talks about her solo activities and who Taeyeon is “as a person”.

[TRANSLATION] SNSD’s 9th Anniversary Message for SONE

Girls’ Generation members’ message for SONE on the 9th anniversary of their debut.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Yoona in High Cut (July 2016)

Yoona discusses her acting career and being a SNSD member.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Hyoyeon Interview in The Star (July 2016)

Hyoyeon talks about inner beauty and secret to SNSD’s longevity as a girl group.

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