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Hyoyeon discusses her new single “Wannabe”, her collaboration with San E and what it means to be a ‘performance queen’.

[LYRIC TRANSLATION] Hyoyeon – “Wannabe” featuring San E

English lyric translation for Hyoyeon’s “Wannabe” featuring San E, her second single.

[TRANSLATION] Tiffany’s Instagram Live from Casio Set – PART 1 (February 7, 2017)

Tiffany and Taeyeon broadcast live from the Casio photo shoot with SNSD members.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Hyoyeon in K WAVE M (December 2016)

Hyoyeon gives a glimpse into her regular life and her recent areas of interest.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Hyoyeon in Esquire Korea (February 2017)

“Hyoyeon’s Ten Million Likes”, challenges of early days of SNSD and her ideal type.

[LYRIC TRANSLATION] Hyoyeon – “Mystery”

English lyric translation for Hyoyeon’s “Mystery” from her solo SM Station release.

[LYRIC TRANSLATION] Taeyeon feat. Hyoyeon – “Up & Down” from Why (2016 EP)

English lyric translation for Taeyeon’s “Up & Down” from her second solo album.

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Hyoyeon Interview in The Star (July 2016)

Hyoyeon talks about inner beauty and secret to SNSD’s longevity as a girl group.

[TRANS] SM performance director’s deleted OT9 post: If I’m going to drunkenly (?) tell a story There are many stories But this is the story I want to bring out now – No matter what anyone says Rascals that I’ve… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Hyoyeon Interview in Beauty+, April 2016 – “Hyoyeon Smiles, My Little Sunshine”  Hyoyeon, who has risen as a trendy beauty icon. Her blonde and pink two-tone hair, translucent skin and glamorous figure, overflowing with volume, are all beautiful, but the… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Hyoyeon’s final words at #TheMoment event I am now in my 10th year of activities as a girl group member. 10 years is truly meaningful but also somewhat bittersweet, and the number 10 seems small but if you say… Continue Reading →

[TRANS] Hyoyeon’s MCM Collaboration in InStyle, March 2016 Hot Star’s Collaboration To commemorate the 13th anniversary of <InStyle>, stars and fashion brands participated in a special collaboration. Representative idol fashionistas SHINee’s Key and SNSD’s Hyoyeon are the main participants! Key showed off… Continue Reading →

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